Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Many Plans.....So Little Time

The Colorado River @ Page, Arizona
Whenever we travel, we always see to it to get a souvenir item that will remind us of the adventure and fun we had. We don't buy souvenir shirts or souvenir hoodies or souvenir caps that do not apply to us! For example, the shirt above that I wear has print saying, "I've hiked....Zion Canyon, Angels Landing, The Narrows.....", which is true! However, lately, I got an idea of probably creating our own designed shirts or hoodies with our very own pictures, that way it would be more customized or applicable to our personal experience. How excited I was to find out about Amsterdam Printing since I would be able to play around with my photos and our experience into shirts, hoodies, mugs, caps, and many more. Then, we will not be limited to the quality of the materials provided in the stores when we buy our souvenir items, since I can make our own. Having learned this gave me more ideas of extending my enterpreneural dreams of serving products with my designs or with my pictures at a more affordable cost, and it will bring me more fun!! Right now, all these are plans, for I have so little time. I can't wait for summer to come when I have more free time and I will surely explore this and who knows? Maybe soon, this site will link to my own personal store? Hurrah! Being in school, I know that designing pens and pencils with any logo you want will be a hit. I just hope that by summer, when I have more free time, GoPromos.com would still be around. For now, they are just plans that are making me excited and look forward to, something to continue productivity even in free time. Though hoping, soon it will be a reality :)
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  1. sounds like fun Beth! you'll get to "put up" your own souvenir line with all the resources you already have. yeah, all you need is time. :)

  2. I love that entrepreneurial spirit! Let those creative juices flow. Summer is just a few months away.

  3. Making your own souvenir sounds like fun, and way more personal. I like the idea..

  4. the flowers look like little xmas trees :)

  5. Yes, if you have time, it's going to be a great project. Who knows, you might really turn it into a booming business. :-)

  6. this is a good plan.i also use this plan.thanks for share this cool plan...