Thursday, April 21, 2011

Enjoying Spring Out of The Doors

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Spring has sprung, time to get out of the doors, smell and experience the heavenly gifts brought by this season full of life. And I thank Pier 1 for adding more joys to my time outdoors. How? Let me share my simple spring fun.....
Calla Lily From our Garden
I love spring, there's just so much to be joyful about, the heavenly scent in the air due to all the blooms, the busy bees
and butterflies,
and the melody of the hummingbirds blending harmoniously with all the other birds just make me want always to be outside and not miss anything what nature is buzzing around. I had been enjoying my time outside gardening, and seeing the blooms in the backyard
These Lilies Remind Me That It Is Spring, They Always Blossom At Certain Time of The Year Giving Me A Pleasant Surprise
and smelling them just give me all the more reason to spend more time outside. Though I am not very confident to say I have green thumb, but I am happy to say I am quite blessed with hands that  can grow and multiply plants and make them bloom. As a result, I love moving plants around, and re-designing the garden here and there. However, I only have enough space to run my creativity. Unless I pull out all the plants I had grown all through the years, I would have again much space to apply my garden creative thoughts. However, one of the joys of gardening is seeing your plants grow as well, and continuously bloom. This is where Pier 1 comes in to extend my garden designing on pots. I had made several dish garden already using the beautiful dish and pots I found from Pier 1 on sale.
Some of My Dish Garden, My Decorative Planters I Got From Pier 1
The decorative rocks in my dish are one of the free things I enjoy for living close to the ocean, I enjoy picking rocks always that look interesting to me, and I put the smaller one in the pots and the bigger ones in the garden. However, for those who do not have access to picking rocks and stones on a nearby shore, Pier 1 has lots of decorative rocks and stones also on sale. Our yard attracts lots of hummingbirds and cute little birds, and we love them coming often. Thus, to say thanks to these amazing little birds, I am planning to get them this beautiful bird feeder from Pier 1.

There are so many outdoor decorative decor to rave about at Pier 1, such as herb pots, bird feeders, dish or decorative planters, and of course outdoor furniture. It is the best time right now to look at the outdoor furniture at Pier 1 since they are having great bargains on these items and other outdoor decors. Also, the iconic Pier 1 Papasan has evolved, check out all their different outdoor papasan and swingasan that will surely entice you to spend more time outdoors, or in your yard. I love the swingasan, sometimes, I feel like why sit still when I can enjoy the swing like when I was a child?
March 20th marked the official start to spring,  and it's a month now since spring officially started. With the temperature warming, it is nice to be watching the sunset right from your backyard, and enjoy the crisp smell of the spring blooms around. Come out now, don't miss the many surprises spring and Pier 1 Tweetups bring your way.

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  1. Spring is back, and is knocking your door.

  2. simply W-O-W! i love your "mini garden"!
    blessed Holy Weekend to you and Angels...

  3. You have a very nice garden, Betchai. Love your cala lilly, and they are gorgeous!

  4. Sponsored post or not, the pictures are just heavenly.

  5. Sounds like you have an amazing garden. Your picture of the butterfly and flower is spectacular! Happy planting.

  6. such beautiful photos from wonderwoman:) i wish we were neighbors...i'd ask for some cactus to plant in my garden too:)

  7. Beth, I just had to keep coming back to see your lovely dish garden. Today on our way home from MDA, I bought 2 terra cotta pots and am so excited to create a dish garden. Happy Easter dear, friend! Thanks for being there! :)

  8. I'm partial to the succulents, of course, and the bunny dish is very cute.

  9. Spring is a very nice season. What beautiful photos you took of the butterflies. I wish we have more of them around our garden.