Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White Water Rafting at White Salmon River

Us, White Water Rafting @ White Salmon River, Washington
( our picture taken by staff of Wet Planet White Water )

One of the activities we did aside from hiking, tide pooling and spelunking during our Washington and Oregon trip was white water rafting. The last 2 days of our trip was at Columbia River Gorge, where we stayed at Hood River, in Oregon. 
Mt. Hood and Hood River Bridge @ Columbia River Gorge
Though Hood River in Columbia River Gorge is world known for wind surfing, however, we do not have muscles :( for that sport, so we decided to do white water rafting. 
Wind Surfing @ Hood River, Oregon

In the Columbia River Gorge area, the center of white water rafting and kayaking is the White Salmon River. The White Salmon River is fed by White Salmon Glacier from the slopes of Mt. Adams and flows into the Columbia River Gorge. 
Mt. Adams Surrounded by Clouds, picture taken from Mt. Hood
Since the White Salmon River is fed by White Salmon Glacier, the water was freezing cold, thus despite it was in the summer, we had to wear thick wet suit underneath the water proof jacket. 
The lower portion of White Salmon River is in the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area and some of the upper sections are part of the National Wild And Scenic Rivers system. The White Salmon River Rafting is a breathtaking combination of adventure and scenery being part of the National Wild and Scenic River area.   
one of the many exciting drops we had at White Salmon
( the one wearing red jacket is our raft guide and mentor )
The rapids that we took are classified for intermediate, class III- IV. We rafted a total of 8 miles, with an over-all 750 ft drop.
Us, Rejoicing After Surviving all the Exciting Drops
White water rafting is such a fun experience, though I will not give up hiking for white water as a hobby, but then, it is always great to try something different once a while. I am actually looking forward for more white water rafting in our next trips. 

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  1. Betchai, I am drooling...just totally envious with the green eye balls. I so wanted to do this for so long. Pretty soon, I will be too old to even think about it. Anyhow, I love those pictures, imagined I was one of the people in the much fun...Yippee, thanks for taking me every where. Smiles.

  2. I love white water rafting. Had my first water rafting experience a couple of years ago in East M'sia and loved it.

  3. I love that scenic view of the mountain. Oh my, you can really go extreme betchai!

  4. white water rafting is so cool. u will see our local version in my next post people pics at waterfall last pic hahaha lol

  5. i wish i could do this one day, what an adventure...

    lovely photos.

  6. This looks so much fun. I have white water rafted a few times myself but not for some years. Oh what true fun this sport really is.

  7. You are really enjoying life. :D Aww....I wanna join! I wanna join!

  8. I am afraid of water though admiring what you have done.

    Hiking is simpler.

  9. Oh how exciting! Your husband and you seem to have so many wonderful adventures..What a blessing to share those moments together!

    Gorgeous, and fun photos!

  10. I always wanted to try white water rafting, never been quite brave enough LOL.

  11. You're so brave to do the White Water Rafting, Betchai. What a wonderful adventure, and beautiful photos.

  12. I wouldn't do the rafting but I like your picture with the mountain on.

  13. I love white water rafting. I haven't been in years, but we used to go all the time. I am glad you had a good time with it.

  14. Whenever I see something like white water rafting I wish I could do it because it looks so fun. But I'm too afraid to do very many water related things because I just can't swim very well. I took swimming lessons for two years but still can't do it well enough. I'd still love to be able to do this though.

  15. hi, ms beth! love those pictures.

    i remembered our wild water adventure in davao. we were scared at first but it was so much fun doing the rafting and we all liked it!

    i've posted it in my blog.

    btw, my new blog domain is

  16. whoa! what an adventure! i can feel your joy exploding in rejoice. :)

  17. You are one brave woman. i can't even dream about it because i would probably fall from my bed. hahahah.

    but the mountains are worth the hike Sis. you and Khai know how to have fun. keep it up.

  18. Beth such wonderful activities. Each one spells F-U-N! Wish I can join you someday! :)

  19. This is quite an adventure! So brave and bold. I doubt if I will venture this river rafting. I will just settle with the mini kayaks in the water (which I missed last Saturday).

    You have quite a great team and team work.

  20. Wow, you are brave. I've been on baby rivers compared to this White Salmon River. Years ago, my hubby used to be a white water rafting guide.

  21. whew! enjoyed the ride with you!