Thursday, August 19, 2010

Aerial Views of Pacific Northwest Mountains

The photos below are aerial views of Pacific Northwest, taken from inside Southwest Airline plane from Los Angeles to Seattle last June 28, 2010. Since I prefer to seat in the aisle for convenience ( easy to stretch, easy to move around), the pictures below were all taken by my husband (KTL). Though I was at the aisle seat, I can still see a little bit the view below and we had fun identifying the mountains that we passed. It is so nice to see them from above, when before, we only saw them from the ground.

1. Mt. Shasta, California. 
Mt. Shasta, California, Summer 2010
It was interesting to see Mt. Shasta from above when about the same time last year we also spent vacation here in the area, with Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA as one of our main vacation destinations then. You can find one of my posts about Lassen Volcanic here. 

2. Crater Lake, Oregon.
Crater Lake National Park, Summer 2010
When we first saw Crater Lake right below us, there was no doubt in our mind it is indeed Crater Lake. Unlike the first picture above, where we had to guess between Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta. The deep blue color of Crater Lake with the Wizard Island on the right side of the lake ( as seen from the picture) just made us very confident that what was below us is Crater Lake. Like Mt Shasta, Crater Lake was also one of the major destinations of our vacation last year. You can find some of my posts about Crater Lake National Park here and here.  

3. North Cascades, Washington (?)
(?), Summer 2010
Now, this one we are not too sure, thus the question mark after North Cascades. Anyway, you can find some of my posts about North Cascades National Park here and here

4. Mt. Rainier, Washington
Mt. Rainier, Summer 2010
Looking at the picture above makes me wish we had the same beautiful skies during the days we went to Mt. Rainier, but for us, we had to live with snow, rain and blizzard when we got there. You can find my some of my posts about Mt. Rainier here and here.

5. Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, Washington
Mt. Rainier (top left) and Mt. St. Helens ( bottom right)
Now, seeing the picture above reminds me to share something about our trip to Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument next time.
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  1. Breathtaking. Your photos are always amazing and sometimes they do take my breath away. You are so lucky to visit a lot of places. I wish me and Mikey will find time to do that someday before we are too weak to walk.

  2. Nice! i'm too hesitant to take pictures from the plane because i thought it wouldn't be permitted,lol! Yeah i remember one of your posts about the Crater Lake. I'm reading this post with Bianca and all she can say is "Ang ganda!" Nice job again, Betchai!

  3. The mountains hide themselves behind the clouds; if you are there, you will be hidden as well.

    The feeling is terrific.

  4. I think aerial landscape photography offers a different and interesting perspective.

    Have never really attempted photographing landscapes from the plane. I don't like the idea of shooting through the window.

  5. Wow! breathtaking shots! Ako pag nasa plane preferred ko umupo malapit sa window so that I could view everything down there hehehe...

  6. Gorgeous views! I never get the opportunity to take aerial shots cause I always travel at night. In our October trip, its a morning flight, so I will pay attention. BTW, I reserved a window seat.

    All these places you have mention are still on my list.

  7. I would love to see things like that from a plane. I was last in a plane when I was a kid, and all I saw out the window was a bunch of squares.

  8. How do you take these photos? Using helicopter? :D

  9. great shots from the plane, Khai! i do that a lot too even if Kyla always takes the window sit. i switch with her when i see a nice view. :)

  10. these r great shots... yr lens must have been very near the window to escape the 'effect' of the window. beautiful

  11. Breath-taking view of these mountains..It's really is so interesting to see them from the top!

    Gorgeous pictures, Khai!
    (but my word verification is kinky...hmmm)

  12. Your husband took some very nice shots for you.

  13. What incredible pictures! Very beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my blog.


  14. Oh, these aerial views are gorgeous! I love the reflection of the mountains in Crater Lake. :)

  15. Awesome hots of the mountain from the place. Looks like a lot of snow on the mountaintops.

  16. I sure don't fly the right places!!! I never get views like that out my window!

  17. One never needs to go anywhere, just look at your photos and I am so content about living in CA, US. The only difference is I sometimes so seek for culture, other than that- call me bias but gosh, we really have a lot to be proud of.

  18. Wow! You took all these photos? Nice!

  19. You know I never even think to take pictures from a plane :) These, Betchai are simply awesome.

  20. Now you've convinced me to turn on my camera during flights! You can see so much from above!

  21. wow...ethereal...whew, i feel like flying here wonderwoman!

  22. I am doing research for my university thesis, thanks for your great points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

    - Laura