Monday, August 09, 2010

Vacation Villas

Eezo Praying or Eezo Dreaming? :) , Lion Camp @ San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park 
The moment I saw the picture of Eezo above which was taken by my hubby (KTL ), I went to dreamland. Perhaps, like Eezo, I am dreaming of a wild vacation in Africa.
Elephants Running at Wild Animal Park's Safari Walk
( one elephant near us roared very loud, and all of a sudden the rest of the elephants ran towards him, what a sight of running elephants in grove )
However, since I am here in San Diego, the closest I can go to when I dream of experiencing the African Safari is the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park, which is now renamed as San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Safari in "Swahili" means a "journey of mind and soul". The picture of Eezo above, somewhat reflects someone whose mind and spirit is having a wonderful, peaceful and dreamlike journey. 
How I wish we all have the time and the money to travel anywhere our mind and heart would want to explore. However, we try to limit our adventure vacation to twice or thrice a year only since of course, aside from time constraint, there is also money constraint. :( We also have to save for our rainy days and for our old age. This summer, we had a grand time exploring the wonderful National Parks in Washington and Oregon, but after that 2 weeks in WA and OR, my summer vacation continues here at home, in San Diego. How is my vacation like in my home turf? Well, it's just as fun!
Simple Joy, Pure Fun in Boogie Boarding
The ocean never leaves us, so, who am I to snob the call of the waves? The WTA tournament went back in San Diego after 2 or 3 years of absence, so of course, went there to watch tennis matches
Vera Zvonareva 
and enjoyed as paparazzi when tennis players are practicing on courts.
Jelena Jankovic
Sometimes, I do visit my friends at Sea World, 
San Diego Zoo,
San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park ( or now San Diego Zoo Safari Park ),
and occasionally meet my friends in the trail and in the wild.
My summer vacation at home also includes planning for the next vacation. Though of course I dream of being in a real African Safari someday, but with my goal of completing all the US National Parks first before exploring the National Parks in other countries, I do not know when I will finally set foot in Africa :( Right now, I am almost done with itinerary for an Alaska Adventure for summer 2011 and now is trying to work on an itinerary for the 3 National Parks in Florida, which are the Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park and Dry Tortugas National Park. I had been hoping to hit this side of the East Coast before, however, with too many places to go, this one has always been put aside. I am hoping however, that the weather will be good this coming winter break ( December 2010) for a Florida vacation. My friend who recently went for a European trip shared to me her wonderful experience of staying in villas in Italy. She said it is like having a home away from home and is really a great value for money. Since Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park are kind of close to each other, instead of looking at different hotels to stay, I try to consider my friend's suggestion to look for Florida villas maybe in Homestead while we explore Biscayne and Everglades. And then, because of better flexibility of staying in a villa, we may consider staying in another owners direct villas also at Key West for Dry Tortugas National Park. Right now, I am in a state like Eezo, looking up at the sky and my mind wanders, believing I will get there!
Believe all these dream vacation will happen, one or two or three US National Parks at a time, until all 58 has been completed, and then, I am in Africa! Dream on, Betchai :)
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  1. There are lots of beaches and wildlife just in San Diego alone so you never have to venture far and saves lots of money.

  2. The last picture took the cake. Well timed. :D

  3. You are plannig for next vacation whereas my vacation has not started.

  4. I love the first picture! Looks like it's praying. Then again, all the other photos show beauty and fun too..Some days soon, Betchai, you will get to the real Africa Safari. Meanwhile, dream is good..

  5. No matter what you do, Bets, you will have a wonderful time. You just enjoy life and make the most of every adventure. I'm sure you will enjoy the Everglades - there is so much bird life there and definitely alligators and the like. I lived in Tampa for a couple of years when I was about 30and a young Air Force wife and, of course, I have cruised out of FL dozens of times. My brother and his wife lived at Merritt Island for the last eight years, right next to Kennedy Space Center and the Port Canaveral Cruise terminal...I saw more of them when they were there than I did when they were in Atlanta!

  6. this is a paradise for photographers. vacation wise... i have never had a real vacation far away

  7. Love the photos Sis... is San Diego Zoo Safari Park and open zoo... I mean there are no cages for the animals and they can roam around while the visitors are cruising in their car or tourist buses? I want that experience again that I had at Safari Park in Thailand.

  8. Goodness, Beth, your hard drive must be a treasure trove of wonderful photos! Those are very good shots! I love the leaping shamu framed in the word believe- amazing timing! I would love to take my nieces to Florida too. :) *hugs* Keep enjoying the outdoor, gf! :)

  9. I have visited San Diego and I love it. BlogHer is in San Diego next summer so you will need to post a lot of information on things to see and do there.

  10. I miss going to the zoo very much. When I was a small child my family lived within walking distance of the zoo. It was free to get in back then if you were walking. I'm glad you showed these animals today. They brought back so many great memories.

  11. excellent work here betchai specially the animal shots.

  12. my favorite is the photo of Eezo and of course you enjoying boogie boarding!

  13. Well, it isn't impossible Betchai, but I know what you mean. Those pictures are fabulous. Will you help me stop repeating myself? I feel like I have to say that every time about your photography, because they just are stunning! Aside from that I love the innocence in your post today my dear.

  14. PS. looks like the lion is praying.

  15. That lion and jumping whale are winning shots!

  16. That Lion reminded me of Hunter and Lion's joke.
    The Hunter was trapped by the Lion and prayed "God, please make this Lion a Christian"

    And when he opened his eyes, he saw the Lion in that posture and praying "Thank you God for our daily meal"

  17. These photos show such great fun for summer times..You're so good as planning out your trip to the fullest!

  18. I love your picture..very nice! This inspired my vacations with my family. This information is very important to me, you have to share this important information to me and other readers. thanks for all this important info

  19. Very nice and imformative article - and beautiful photos as well!

  20. you can make it through the rain. you stand up once again on my own.


  21. I've got some friends in San Diego but they never took me there!!! I wanna visit it, pictures are beautiful but not enough!!