Saturday, May 23, 2009



Yellow Bird On a Tree
Yellow, color of happiness,
Yellow Butterfly, Wild Animal Park
color of the sun,
Sunset @ Sunset Cliffs, San Diego
and the sun smiled so beautifully today in Southern California Lakers land.
Okay, sorry for this thoughtless blabber, my mind is just blank today! I went out hiking earlier, and still enjoying the wonderful gifts of spring,
Yellow Mustard, San Diegueto River Park Trail System @ Lake Hodges
yet my mind is just blank right now I could not write anything :( 
However, since Lakers won tonight, I just feel like sharing the color of happiness, 
that is yellow, which coincidentally is Lakers color. 
Yellow Loving Bee
Pardon me if I am sharing my joy of Lakers winning here in the net, nothing just comes in my mind right now :( I may be suffering from blogging blankness. I am sorry if all I can say right now is, go Yellow....

Yellow Bloom of a Cactus
and yes, Go Lakers. Hope this post will not jinx your chances of a championship.
Yellow Loving Grasshopper

Have a good memorial day weekend everyone.  

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  1. The post turns even more lively once touched on Lakers.

    But soccer is more popular over here and I am the fan of Liverpool, England football club.

    The club missed the chance to be the champion for this season.

  2. I love the color yellow. It it can be soft,vibrant,warm, and energetic. Great pictures, too.

  3. Those are beautiful photos anyway, betchai! The yellow butterfly is awesome!

    It's ok not to write some times, and have a great Memorial weekend!

  4. I love the cheerful yellow mustard against the blue sky!

  5. thanks, Rainfield, Melissa, Icy and Diane.

    @ Rainfield - I hope your team will have a chance to be the champion next season. It is always exciting to see our team winning. It is also French Open now, and I am a big tennis fan.

  6. Hi,

    I am just blown away every time I look at your pictures. What type of camera do you use for the close ups?

  7. Sometimes a thoughtless post is just the right thing. I like all of the yellow, especially the bird. I say Go Lakers too, just because you like them. I'm more of a baseball fan, but I know the happiness of my team winning. Nice post. It gives me happy thoughts.

  8. Yellow is a happy and 'cheering up' colour! :)

  9. I LOVE this post. The yellow bird is so sweet and I adore the sunset. These photos are spectacular!

  10. thanks a lot, everyone, your support always warms my day and adds inspiration.

    @ Pete, I use Canon EOS 400D and a standard 18- 250 mm lens, I still have to get a macro lens for close up, but standard lens is okay for me for now.

    @ Ratty, I really appreciate what you said, especially I know you are from Detroit.

    @ Mei and Jo, thanks again, yes, yellow indeed can really cheer us up.

  11. Wow, Bechai... this is a new blog? And you finally have your very own website. Congrats. I've been in blogging anemia for quite awhile. I can't say it's work because I am just working part-time. It's laziness I admit. I was just writing for paid post lately but not even doing too well like I used to.

    Congratulations again for your new website. Keep writing. Take care my friend.


  12. Your photos were so cheery, they are definitely a mood lifter. I love the color yellow.

  13. You take beautiful pictures. I love them all.

  14. Your yellow post made me itch to go out and shoot some spring blooms. Too bad I have works to do right now.

    Great shots betchai, no need for words because the pics speak for your post. I'll have my walk later and see if I can capture some interesting subjects too.

    Have a good monday!

  15. I never liked yellow so much as I do now. Breathtaking!

  16. Beth, these photos are awesome. Your shots inspire me to pursue photography more! I love yellow, it is warm and vibrant! Gives me good feelings!

  17. Betchai,

    You have an award waiting for you at:

    Stop by when you have time!

  18. hi, betchai! your yellow pictures say a thousand words so it's alright if your mind goes blank and can't grope for stories to share.these beautiful snapshots do a great job. =)

  19. Amazing as always. You've received an award at

  20. Obviously you're a Lakers fan, I could tell, hehe!

    Oh, yellow is just perfect color for the spring and summer, I love it! I love all the photos here, they're awesome!

    Hope you have a wonderful week Betchai.

    Debbie :)

  21. Wow, great shots, and what a cool Idea, Yellow theme, so summery, the butterfly sooo cool.

  22. love the shot with the yellow bird in the tree and the sunset,, wow.. how beautiful it is.. seeing the world so beautiful with this camera,, nice collection :)

  23. KalachuChay:

    Good thing Lakers won ! hahahaha

    And ohhh I want to own everything on this blog - from the yellow bird down to the grasshopper who happened to hop on a yellow roses !

    The brighter the yellow, the more I love it. I don't know what it is, but I can't help myself from drawing near to anything yellow.

    Whenever I see yellow I feel very happy - the reason why I surround myself with lots of yellow ! They glow and they lift up my spirit!

    I wish you can see the smile on my face ...