Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging For Fun Friday - 2 Things I Can Not Live Without

This week, our Friday's Blogging For Fun common theme is to write two things we can not live without. Now, if I can only choose the easy pair which we all can not live without: the sun,  

Sunset @ Torrey Pines States Reserve, San Diego, CA
and water.

Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite National Park, CA
However, since these two are given that we really can not live without, therefore, these are exempted from the list. But I must say I really am a lover of both sun and water, especially when I stand in between them, where it allows me to observe the refraction, scattering and reflection of sunlight as it hits thousands of water molecules ( like the waterfall picture above with the double rainbow). 
I love being close to the ocean, listening to the sound of the waves, and looking at the horizon at sunset. Even though I do love mountains and desert too, but I guess it would be very hard for me to live too far from the ocean since I always long to be with it. So, living as close as possible to the ocean would be the first thing that would be very hard for me to live without. 

McWay Falls, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, CA
I can stand not seeing the ocean for a day, but if in a week, if I don't get to hear its splashing waves, if I don't get to see the horizon as far as my eyes could see, if I don't get to see the transformations of the sky during the sunrise and sunset, I feel a deep sense of longing, to be at the sea again. Maybe, this can be explained by my childhood, as we grow up in one of the not so small yet not so huge islands in the Philippines, thus the ocean was always there for me to give me comfort, and also, to give me fun.

Danjugan Island Marine Sanctuary, Negros Occidental, Philippines
I have not really stayed in a place long enough yet without the ocean to run to whenever I feel sad or lonely, or whenever I just want to celebrate happiness. Maybe, I would be able to adjust, but right now, I know, it will be very hard for me to live very far from it. 
Second in the list of things is my watch, which I find I share this attachment to knowing the time with Melissa. I maybe one of the few persons in the world who sleeps with her watch. I wear it despite there is a big clock on top of our dresser. My husband would tell me that our cellphones have clock too, but the problem with cellphone is, I always forget to bring it with me! Sometimes, I am out of the house already, and I would remember I forgot my cellphone, I would simply tell myself, "you don't need it!", so I would proceed. But not if it is my watch that I forgot, I really take the effort to go back, find my watch, and wear it, since for me, I really need it. I just feel more secured if I have my watch, I just have to be on time always, I guess :) . 
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  1. You have a real good story.
    And some good pictures. A waterfall with rainbow!!! How can it be only you who have captured it.

  2. That was nice that you incorporate some stunning pictures in "two things you can't live without".

    I love hearing the waves of the ocean too..

  3. That waterfall with a rainbow is awesome Bet....pretty, pretty awesome.

  4. Stunning photos and I agree though I could not choose just two. I'd have to throw in trees and birds as well. Great post and I will check out that community. It sounds like fun.

  5. Miss Beth, your first picture was breathtaking!

    I guess two things I can't live without now is my camera and my Bible...

    I need my camera to fulfill my passion and to document my wanderings and I need the Bible to be my compass in case I get lost... :)

  6. Very nice photos. I lived by the ocean for a lot of my life, but for some reason I just don't feel that connection to it like you do. I guess mine would be more towards the Rocky Mountains and a little hike looking at all the wild plants.

  7. i really love your photos!as always,i'm impressed by your writing and your skills in photography.
    i envy your place.i can only sigh. =)

  8. I am glad I am not the only one crazy about the time LOL. I am really not sure why I have that need, but it is definitely a need. Your pictures are beautiful, by the way.

  9. I understand about feeling a need to be near the ocean. I grew up only a few miles from the Detroit river. I feel like I'm in a desert wasteland when I'm very far away from it. I feel safe and secure when I know it's near.

  10. I couldn't agree more that indeed warmth from the sun and the moisture from water are so essential. Hey what about the air we breathe?

    Good clean air's important!

  11. The sunset image is surely stunning

    The waterfall is truely magnificent looking in deed!

  12. Same here...I love being near the ocean. It's also because we live just few meters from the sea, so my siblings and I are officially "batang dagat", hehehe... We're used to listening to the waves lulling us to sleep. Most of my memorable childhood days were spent with my siblings exploring the shoreline and catching some tiny crabs.

  13. I feel the same way about my watch. I can't live without knowing what time it is.

  14. Super shots again, the Sunset with clouds nice touch.

  15. Beautiful shots, all thumbs up!

    time is very critical for me, don't feel ok not wearing my watch or not knowing time when i need to.

  16. The photo of the waterfall with the rainbow is stunning. I would really love to live near the ocean!

  17. I've never seen the Sun quite like that. Beautiful.