Friday, May 01, 2009

Fun Friday: Durian and Balut

Today is Fun Friday for my  Blogging For Fun group. Our fun theme this Friday is sharing foods we love that others we may find gross. I know there are several foods that I love that are considered to be "disgusting" or "yucky" by some, but then, they are maybe the best tasting for me.
First in my list is durian. What is durian? According to Rainfield, it is the king of the fruits, and I believe so. If you go to Rainfield's Durian post, you will not only see beautiful pictures of durian, from the durian tree to durian flower to durian fruit, but you will also learn more about durian, like how it is pollinated. He has very interesting feature article about this "king of the fruits". 
I love durian, its taste is like no other, and so its smell :) haha! Maybe, if not for the smell, many actually will love this fruit. How bad is the smell? A co-teacher happily brought durian before to our faculty room, and that sent the majority outside, gasping for their breath, searching for fresh air, hehe. And well, the few who stayed in the faculty room, were mostly Asians and a few brave Americans. Durian has a kind of "love me or hate me" relationship. Actually, it is sooooooo hard for me to understand Andrew Zimmerman of Bizarre Foods when he said durian is so disgusting while he eats a lot of other disgusting foods for me such as insects, etc. 
Second in my list is balut. What I like most in balut is its juice. Here in San Diego, when someone realizes I am Filipina, they would ask me if I eat balut, and if I would reply "yes", they would smile and tell me, "I am brave". I do not remember anyone from the Philippines told me I am brave because I eat balut :) . Though, I actually think balut is for the brave of heart :). It does not have an offensive smell like durian, but maybe, its look can be disgusting. Actually, the first time I had balut, I could not even take a look. 
I still have more, but for now, I will take a rest, and enjoy my vanilla frozen yoghurt, yum! 
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  1. I maybe wrong to reject a balut as for other to reject durian.
    But it is still awesome in the end.

  2. If I ever found durian I would try it even if I had to hold my nose. Rainfield and you both say it's very good, so I'd try it at least once. I don't think I'd ever be able to find any here in Michigan though.

    As far as balut goes, I don't think I could do it. I have trouble eating regular chicken eggs, and balut is something that is very different for me.

  3. @ Rainfield, don't worry, you are not wrong if you reject balut, I actually could not dare take a look when I cracked the egg the first time I ate it. I actually did not like it at first, until eventually found myself adjusted to it.

    @ Ratty, maybe the reason why i learned to like balut eventually was because I love eating hard boiled eggs since we grow our own chicken and our chicken gave us lots of tasty eggs.

  4. Betchai,

    I'm sorry but I'll have to pass on these two foods. Durian gives me a terrible headache, instantly, and balut..I have to say "ewwwwww"..

  5. Hi, Betchai. Thanks for the link. I also love durian, the smell doesn't bother me at all.

  6. Well Durian is something I would try - as for balut, I already said she 'won' the grossest food contest :-)

  7. I dont think I would be able to eat the fruit just because of the smell. I am a funny eater when it comes to it smelling weird. Balut no I would not eat, well maybe if I grew up with it, as part of my culture, but I can not see me just trying it out of the blue.

  8. Don't think I've ever come across durian, but I remember on one season of "Survivor", they had to eat balut as a challenge.. whoever ate the most in a certain time won. Yikes!.. some couldn't eat even one, and I didn't blame them. I might be able to try it if it was deep fried:)
    My wife is Japanese and loves natto, which is fermented soybeans.. I can't stand the smell and will never touch it, but I love Korean kimchee, which I guess smells pretty bad too, if you don't like it. It's all in what you're used to!

  9. Very interesting and cool links, but no thankyou,lol. I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy, by meat I mean beef, something that I am use to , not very adventurous,lol.

  10. Hahahaha I admire you for liking durian and balut. I forced to like them in the past, but no success. My imagination cannot take me to that level yet... but hey I would take some vanilla frozen yogurt instead !


  11. Hi Betchai, I have just finished writing about my gross eats. I wanted to write about Balut, but I saw you already did...teehee. I knew it would top the list! I like Balut also and Doods is actually crazy for it, sadly there's none here in Houston. I also eat durian, I have no trouble with its smell (hehe)its just like the case of our shrimp paste (bagoong) I love it -smell included, hehe...

  12. Hi Betchai!

    On durian, I can't like it no matter what! Even tried eating the candy and pastillas, no good. I am sensitive with smell, so it drives me not to appreciate the taste of the food. I know it's good but the scent tells me not to like it.

    I ate balut but not the duckling there. I'm easily grossed since I was a kid, that's my weakness but I like it. Everything except the feathered fellow there.

  13. Btw, i watched Andrew Zimmern Philippines trip...he loved Balut!