Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Experience the Restorative Power of Nature

from last weekend's play in nature

If you spend your days rushing from one task to another or multi-tasking in an attempt to reach the end of your "to do" list, you could be harming your physical and mental health and damaging your relationship with others. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can be healing, relaxing, restorative and personally beneficial on many levels. With that in mind, perhaps making a reservation at a serene location such as beavers bend cabin lodging should be at the top of your list of things to do.

Physical relaxation

One of the best ways to use your vacation time is to plan a trip to a destination that offers you abundant opportunities to spend time in nature. Activities such as fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing and numerous other activities that put you in the midst of a natural setting can relieve stress. Stress can have a direct impact on your physical health. Once you experience the exhilaration and pleasure that comes from spending time in nature, you can make a commitment to add "personal time outdoors" to your daily or weekly schedule once you return from vacation.

Restoring relationships

When a couple or a family hurriedly goes through each day barely taking time to talk with each other, the relationship suffers. Escaping to a retreat that offers you lots of outdoor family adventure can remind you of how essential it is to regularly set aside time for outdoor family activities. Couples can become disconnected when their schedules leave little time for romantic moments and heart-felt discussions. A secluded cabin in the woods, with a hot tub and fireplace, is the ideal setting to rekindle a romance. Arrive there with no preset plans and simply let nature inspire you and guide you.

Spending time in nature can help you regain perspective. With time to ponder and reflect, you can often see things more clearly. When your body is tired and your mind cluttered with an array of thoughts, it's difficult to focus on an individual situation or make an important decision. A walk in the woods or a day of fishing can clear your mind and help you regain focus. After spending time in nature, you might decide to make some lifestyle changes that allow you to slow down and become more deeply connected with yourself and with those you love.
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  1. I totally agree with both points, Beth. The restorative power of nature is undeniable.

  2. You have shown great insight here. Restoring relationships need not be confined to romantic relationships. Take Mom out to dinner or take Dad to a ball game. Maybe a child would like a special day at the zoo. Or simply leave a nice comment on a blogger's site. Everyone likes to be appreciated. You are.

  3. I completely agree with you. Whenever I spend some time in nature I always come away feeling better.

  4. Agree with you there. We need rejuvenate ourselves

  5. As always, you make me wish I could explore nature more often...I paused thinking whether I do have time? or I am just too lazy to explore nature LOL...miss yah! and as always I feel relaxed with all the blue hue here :)