Saturday, December 06, 2014

A happy Cat-urdate

It has been a while since last post here. Truth is, I've never gotten a chance to work in my own personal laptop since summer break ended late August. I get to share pictures in my Facebook because it's easy through cell phone. Somehow, I forgot about blogger mobile. But now, am back, with mobile posting. :) here are some happy weekend wandering and caturdays I took today.

I may not have the luxury of time to blog these days, but weekend wanderings and enjoying outdoors aren't sacrificed at all, as they are part of my rejuvenating activities.

Leaving you with these happy mom and baby cheetah pics.

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  1. You don't know how delighted I am to see you here again Betchai!!!! Weee those smiles above make me feel naturally joyful! Precious beautiful shots! Happy weekend! :)

  2. Life is busy.

    We have to work for our rice bowls.

  3. Wow!! The cheetah captures are superb, loved them. They look so very cute, the baby cheetahs :)

  4. The cheetahs are beautiful but they seem to be yelling at you in most of the pictures.

  5. It may be your absence that makes me feel so lonely to blog too. Haha! Blogging can always wait. If not for the obligatory sandwich articles, wala ako ganang magsulat. Live, love, laugh, and work first, blog later. :)

  6. Back here and echoing twinzy! Blogosphere isn't as fun without you around ☺. Love yah Betchai! Peeking here again for any update.