Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 Summer Staycation

collection of photos from my summer 2014 Staycation
Life is simply wonderful. It does not have to be extravagant to be one. There's so much beauty and happiness in simplicity! To feel life is wonderful is a choice. I am so glad and thankful to have that choice.

Though we may have taken a 10-day Canadian Rockies adventure vacation,  but that does not mean Canadian Rockies adventure is more joyful than my staycation's adventure. They're different, nothing is better than the other, both gave me joyful memories to treasure forever. :) Yes, FOREVER!! Afterall, everyday is like a staycation for me, even when I have work! :) I always take time to rejuvenate in nature so I stay inspired everyday, whether at home, at work, or anywhere! Perhaps, that's the reason why I could not say that staycation is better than work days. They're different, both work and staycation are JOYFUL for me.

Anyways, here are some reasons why summer 2014 staycation is so WONDERFUL. :)

1. Joy swimming with the fishes. Ahhh, probably this is the very reason why summer is my MOST FAVORITE SEASON! It's a time to enjoy swimming with the fishes in the ocean. The underwater world is amazing, and thankfully, I do not really have to take vacation to enjoy it.
Summer 1014 Snorkeling
2. Waking up to the joyful calling of these juvenile coopers hawk. What a joy it is to be awakened by them early in the morning. I sure did enjoy them while they were still around.  
Happily ( for them ), they have flown away from their birth place to start life somewhere. It's a good thing, it means they are strong enough and able to support themselves, thus, they no longer have to rely on their parents for food.
3. Well, I do enjoy lazying around at home! :) Like this meerkat! :) It's so nice that on waking up, I don't have to rush going to the bathroom to clean up for work. I could delay doing things because after-all, it's my staycation! :)
I Am As Relaxed As This Meerkat, summer 2014 @ Wild Animal Park
But of course, I don't enjoy lazying all day! :) Haha! Like the meerkat above, for sure, I would get up after a while and start moving around! That's me! I just feel energized if I do move around, and in San Diego, there're so many places to move around, or to wander, so I'll now move to number 4. 

4. I do enjoy taking a walk around, especially at San Digo Zoo or to San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park if I am by myself. Hubby does not trust me to hike in isolated trails alone for safety reason, and I agree with him. Thus I only take a walk in  places where I feel safe to be alone, such as at Wild Animal Park where I also find so much joy and happiness in seeing animals. Sometimes, it makes me dreamy while watching them, well, like Izu, the lion below.
DREAMY IZUsummer 2014 @ Wild Animal Park
But not dreamy that would bring me to oh la la sleepland, like Izu, haha! Yes, the lions sleep most of the time! They have to save their energy for hunting. On the other hand, I stick with my 7-8 hours of sleep a day! Less or more than this range, I get headache and feel weak. And there's no reason for me not to get 7-8 hours of sleep a day! It's all about priorities. There is always a time to do something if you choose to do it, or you put it in your priority. Right now, I blog less not becase I do not have time, but because the inspiration to blog has not kicked in yet. :( Thus blogging has moved to the backseat of my priorities. Sadly though, I find myself using Facebook more since I blog less. 

Anyway, going back to Wild Animal Park, here are some animal faces I captured in one of my walking time this 2014 summer staycation.

From dreamy to growling Izu. 
Playful young tiger siblings. 
Fierce Stare from a Tiger.  
Mom and daughter sweet bonding moments.  

5. The joy of hiking and birding. With hubby, we still go for birding walk after his work or during the weekends, combined with snorkeling. It's such a joy to watch the miracle of life in spring and summer, where so many baby birds are born. It's a joy to see the birds from building a nest, to nesting, to seeing the baby birds grow up and leave their nest. :( Actually it should be happy face, happy for the juveniles who gained strength to leave their home and find their own home. 
Egret Nesting Tree 
Mom and chicks 
Grown Up Chicks
6. Summer is also the time for self enrichment. I spend more time studying about a lot of things, which include: managing investment portfolio, health and nutrition, spirituality, Science and technology, teaching methodologies, and well, many more, thankfully, so many of them are available online. I  just try as much as possible to stay away from any negative, loudly inappropriate and insensitive articles which are also a lot online. If ever I came across some negative articles from links shared in Facebook, I just ignore them. 

Okay, I apologize, this post had strayed away from my 2014 summer staycation!  :) Anyway, what else are the simple joys aside from those I mentioned already? Hmmm, maybe using an alarm clock to not forget the super moon? Haha! Though I must admit, I forgot uploading the picture after taking a picture of it. :) Before it gets buried somewhere, let me share here the super moon I took from our backyard last Saturday. 
Ahhhh, the JOYS OF SIMPLE LIFE!! ENJOYING WHAT IS FREE!! Such as the super moon!! 

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  1. It's very nice of you to share your wonderful summer 2014 staycation that would also give life and light to your readers... one of which i like the most is the Meerkat, when it has an awesome position while enjoying the sun...

  2. Absolutely stunning photos AteB,, I love the shot of the hawk!

  3. There's so much joy in our lives that no matter where we are or what we do, they're treasured as we traverse this life. Negativity on social media I guess, is a day to day occurrence. I can say I'm one of those that haven't been beaten by the bug, a little exposure goes a long way for me :-)

    Your photos are awesome as always :-) have a blessed weekend Bet Chai.

  4. Gorgeous shots!! The animals looks so cool! Lovely staycation that you had.

  5. Wow! You're very lucky to have the chance of visiting them. Nice photos there too.

  6. Great summer experience. Yes, enjoying what Nature has to offer is no expensive thing to do. The early morning birds singing their sonatas is a joy to hear.

  7. I would want to be like you, as relaxed as the Meerkat.

    Life is so good.

  8. You took such great photos! The moon is just mesmerizing! Hope you have more joys and staycations!

  9. I love the tiger shots, Betchai! I am happy that you were able to have a much deserved "staycation." I am living my own "staycation" too... my 5 day weekend is currently unfolding... :)

  10. Oh my gawd! Sis B, your photos are really crisp, beautiful and all breath taking. I love the monkey Mommy and baby the most. I love the detailed close-up, hope I have camera and I can shoot like that. I am glad that you enjoy your summer vacation.

  11. There is time for work and there is time for relax. Love to see the animals too

  12. My own staycation gave me the right to be lazy and sleep for as long as I want- I think that's the best part of it. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing your own version of it, Ate Betchai. I hear you on the social media's negativity. There's both good and bad and the best way is just to filter them out.

    BTW, the super moon is picture perfect! Love it!