Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When we went to Alaska last year, one of our wishes was to see puffins in the wild. Indeed we saw some during our Kenai Fjords National Park Glacier and wildlife cruise. However, they were so far afar from our boat that we were not able to really get an up close picture of puffin.

Today, we reminisce our Alaska trip by going to Sea World. :) before our two year passport membership expires. We took a lot of pictures of course, but let me focus this post only to puffins. all the pictures here were taken by my hubby.
Puffins are small species of alcids which are pelagic sea birds that feed primarily on diving water. If you want to learn more about these birds, click here.
If you ask me what is my favorite part of our Alaska trip last year, though all our experiences are very special for me, but if I have to choose only one to go back to, it would be to Harding Icefield.
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  1. Wow..these are very special looking critter, and the photos are wonderful to see. Both of you have talents in photography.

  2. What a handsome duck!!

    From a terrific photographer.

  3. Did I mention duck??

    What I write is not what I read, but is what I think.

    So it must be a duck.


  4. I LOVE these critters. They have personality and are just so cute. These up close shots are amazing, Betchai. What a treat.

  5. Your husband took beautiful photos of these puffins, and this is the first time I hear and see them! What a beautiful critter!

  6. I have never seen puffins swimming like that and it looks like it is flying.

  7. Unbelievable, that animal is so unique! I love his/ her colors.

  8. Oh my! Puffins are definitely so beautiful! Would love love love to see them in person! Weeeee :-)