Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, Monterey, CA (Part 1 of 3)


Where do you think this trail leads to? 
@Cypress Grove Trail, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

 Actually, there is really no specific destination for this trail, which is one of the many trails at Point Lobos. Why I say no specific destination, because these trails have so much stunning vistas that interconnect, all going around the beautiful rugged coast of Point Lobos.
 Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is just 3 miles South of the town of Carmel on Highway 1, this is almost as close to Big Sur. Aside from hiking, this place is popular also for diving because its offshore has one of the richest underwater habitats. Wildlife includes seals, sea lions, sea otters and migrating gray whales. On land, we saw a lot of deer,
but I will save the other deer pictures in later posts.
For more information about Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, visit the park site here

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  1. The trail looks inviting! and viewing Point Lobos with your shots makes me want to be there right now...the water, the sky, the rocks and the trees and wild flowers are just so beautiful...I'm looking forward to the deer photos, I'm sure they look cute looking at your lens :-) I miss you Betchai...weeeee.... hehehe,

  2. Ang poetic ng mga puno. Ilang taon na kaya ang mga ito? Very nice photos. I love staring at that photo overlooking the teal sea w/ white sands.

  3. there are a lot of wild deer in US..

  4. What a beautiful place, Betchai! I would love to walk on that sandy beach and sit there forever!

  5. Having a chance to stay outdoor is always good.

    Be it by the seaside or in the jungle.

    Both are great.

  6. Point Lobos is so beautiful. We have a ton of deer around here. That's one thing we probably have more of than you.

  7. love the view, can't blame you for getting hooked into hiking... it really is fun and relaxing !


  8. It never matters to me where a trail leads. It's just always fun walking down a trail and seeing what's there along the way.

  9. "so much stunning vistas that interconnect" - my kind of place. the 4th image is tempting me to wander! a piece of heaven on earth, just what i need these busy times...

  10. wow good to see deers in there :) i hope they arent too wild

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  11. how lovely&relaxing...I adore being so close to nature!

  12. Monterrey is so beautiful. When I used to live in Northern CA, I'd jump onto any bus that was on its way to Point Lobos. Thanks for reminding me !