Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exploring North Cascades National Park

Hike to Easy Pass, North Cascades National Park, WA
North Cascades National Park is one of the places that makes me dream of going back again. A few days of exploring North Cascades was simply not enough. We were there before early July, and some of the roads were still closed for exploring due to heavy snow accumulation. 
Heather's Meadows in Summer Snow, July 2010
North Cascades National Park is defined by its jagged peaks, 
Glaciers on Jagged Peaks, North Cascades National Park
deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and over 300 glaciers. North Cascades, also known as Alps of the West, sits on the border of US and Canada. 
Ross Lake, North Cascades National Park
The beautiful Ross Lake for example can be accessed via gravel road from Hope, British Columbia on the North. There is no road access from the US side on the South. Tourists who wish to explore more of Ross Lake on land must enter the park from the British Columbia via Canada Highway 1. There are many reliable rental cars that offer tourists to book cheap car hire in Canada to serve them in road trips and adventure such as exploring Ross Lake of North Cascades National Park. Ross Lake is the second largest lake in North Cascades, is 24 miles long, and covers 12,000 acres from the Skagit River up to and beyond the Canadian Border. From the South or US side, Ross Lake can be accessed via kayaks and canoes from Diablo Lake.
Diablo Lake, North Cascades National Park
The adventure on water will be 5 miles of kayak or boat from Diablo Lake's launch to the end of Diablo Lake to access and explore more of Ross Lake on land. 
North Cascades' steep mountains, variety of water and rock features makes this place very rich in biodiversity. 
Family Bonding, Hiking and Photography
North Cascades National Park is definitely a park of wonder worth exploring and visiting again.

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  1. "park of wonder worth exploring and visiting again" ~ i absoutely agree! can't wait to see more photos of the breathtaking North Cascades from you. :)

  2. whew, echoing twinzy! can't wait to see more photos of breathtaking North Cascades from you:) I wish I could someday pose beside you in a picture like that first one, hahaha, you look so happy and content as yah friend!

  3. Nice pictures, I love the mountains.


  4. Looks like a wonderful place to hike. I love the color of Ross Lake in your picture!

  5. I love reading your posts and looking at the pictures, because you hike the places I can only dream about. But when I get to see these places of yours I feel like my dreams are a little bit closer to reality.

  6. So scenic! It must have seemed strange to see all that snow in July.

  7. so beautiful and relaxing landscape, glad u had fun! greetings from NYC!

  8. Would love to do some paddling in those places.

  9. North Cascades National Park, and your blog, are definitely a place of wonder worth exploring and visiting again.

  10. Refreshing ang pictures. Sarap maghiking jan. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  11. There was still snow in July? I don't that is a place I would like, lol! Your pictures are beautiful.

  12. Fantastic photos, Betchai, and I echo Ratty's comments. In this life time, I get to see many places through your photography, and feel like you've brought them home for me.

  13. so breathtaking. would surely include this place in my bucket list.