Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life is Beautiful!

Life is beautiful, jump!
Me @ Lake Lucille, Wasilla, Alaska
Life is beautiful, like a hike, it has lots of ups and downs, crossing trails, winding switchbacks and beautiful scenic turns. However, like a hike, some people are afraid to explore life. Some are afraid of taking taking chances because of the uncertainties. But isn't life about taking chances ever since? Had we not taken that first step when we were still toddlers, we would not end up where we are, how we are, why we are, and who we are today. Though we had grown older and taller, but we still keep on wondering, stumbling, struggling, pursuing and growing in many aspects that make us, well, forever young! Young, but not childish, with a child-like heart that always seek for answers to our inherently curious minds. Like a child, we explore our world and ourselves. We seek understanding, because we know that in our understanding of the world we live in, we will be more prepared to make decisions on which crossings to take. We will be more prepared to handle failures that will bring us to success. Life is beautiful, the risks are what makes it even more meaningful and beautiful. Yes, life is not without risks, and it requires us to jump! However, we don't jump blindly, but rather, we jump with smart preparations. Now that we are older and are more aware of the many risks in life we go through each day, we simply do not jump without preparing for our loved ones we may leave behind. One of those preparations we secure is life insurance, not for us, but for our loved ones. We do not want to burden our loved ones with our disappearing cost, which sadly, may cost them financial ruin if we do not prepare for it. But how do we chose which life insurance is best for your family needs? For a start, you can ask for free Life Insurance online quotes that will match your personal and family needs. There are various kinds of life insurance, each catered to personal and family needs. Insurance Information Exchange is also another site where you can make more informed decisions.
So, when we walk armed, do we turn around when we encounter manageable obstacles? Or do we jump? 

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  1. well, i prefer to run. life is hard. it isn't easy but only seconds in our entire life.

  2. Don't just jump and jump and jump....look before you leap. haha :D

  3. I agree, life is beautiful, and precious, but I have to get on buying life insurance soon just in case..