Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Photoshoot Dream

I Heard Your Loud Chime that Soared and Floated Into The Air
As I Gazed Up, I Asked, "Was it really you calling me?"
Then I Saw You looked down with your Piercing Stare
I just had to ask again, "were you calling me?"
Was I Dreaming When You Quickly Jumped Down from the tree?
Was I walking with you, 
Or Were you walking With Me?
When you finally stopped I did not know what to do
Finally, I woke up from my dream......and left you be
As I marched away, I heard your chiming voice again,
I looked back to see you spread your beautiful wings 
Was I dreaming when I heard you say,
"come......take a picture of me....
with my wings open wide and my hundred eyes"
You then swayed your wide open wings beautifully
My eyes locked in your regal beauty....
I followed you in your every turn....
In your every walk....
Were you really modeling for me?
Or Was I in a Photoshoot Dream?
all photos taken at:
May 21, 2011
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  1. Oh my, that really is a photoshoot dream. Brilliant photos of a very beautiful bird.

  2. "I Heard Your Loud Chime that Soared and Floated Into The Air...As I Gazed Up, I Asked, "Was it really you calling me?"...magical words Betchai!! this is such an enchanting piece and oh she is such a beauty!!! like a princess from some kingdom....more please more...more of your wonderful words!!! love yah wonderwoman..i now know which creature i want to become if i were to have wings...i'd love to be like her....exactly like here and i will talk to you...endlessly in your dreams and make it more than yah, thank your for making my day! meeting you has changed my life...forever! -Ami Han (",)

  3. Breathtaking images! That bird is so beautiful, it must have been wonderful to be there with camera ready.

  4. I follow your dream, and your photoshoot, Betchai! Gorgeous bird, and what a great opportunity to take those macro photos.

  5. beth, i like that term "photoshoot dream":) i have to say the spectacular photos of the peacock in your post qualify as that - a dream or a wonderful vision! the peacock is a gorgeous bird indeed, one of my favorites. teyla has this cute, catchy action rhyme that goes something like this: "the peacock has a fancy tail he sways from side to side .. it's full of holes that look like eyes that now are open wide!" i wish i could show you the actions of this rhyme. never fails to make teyla giggle out loud:) i'm glad to see you had a great close encounter with this spectacular creature. also, beth, i honestly enjoyed the poem you penned to go with this post. please write more poems! i really liked this one:)

  6. I love the pictures, Betch! Thanks for being on my blog! Hope you are well, too! Hugs!

  7. WOW, lovely shots of the peacock. The last three with the tail feathers opened on display are all beautiful. Wonderful words and photos.

  8. oh am geeeeeeeeeeeeee! i would like to be in such a glorious photoshoot dream! the subject is stunning!

  9. gorgeous colours for a gorgeous day:-)))they bring so much good mood!have a lovely new week:-)

  10. Peacocks have to be one of the strangest birds in the world. Your poem goes with it so well!

  11. I think he knew you wanna snap photo of him. That's why he stop over. :p

  12. Hi Betchai, some serious camera you have there. Or is that not you?
    the peakcock is so incredible...The spread was perfect.

    On the side note, yes, I have always had Top Commenter contest going on since the first three months live. It is not asking anything different than what SS's regular readers are not already doing. Just wanted to do something nice for you guys that visited SS on a regular basis :-)
    PS, I think you already know, but I also have
    Thursday Two Questions meme too. But it doesn't look like Joys of Simple Life participate in any memes. :-)

  13. the colors and design on the peacock tail feathers! Gorgeous macro shot.

  14. wow ! national bird is really beautiful

  15. I love peacocks. When my youngest was little, she used to chase them at the zoo. Now she just admires them from afar.

  16. The peacocks roam free at the Detroit Zoo too. I always love seeing them. They like hanging out near the food areas and pestering anyone who will let them.

  17. Maybe the peacock was calling to you to stop so she could get your attention to follow you. They are such lovely birds.

    To answer your question about my post, the shop is in Beijing. If you ever get out there, it's by the Temple of Heaven area. :)

  18. droppin' by here, can't get enough of this bluetiful creature!

  19. such a beautiful bird.. amazing that the mate is so simple.. the wonders of nature :)

    thank you Betchai for yr good wishes

  20. Peacocks are such beautiful birds. And hard to photograph too. Every time I try to photograph the bird with its spread out, it moves quickly making it difficult to capture the bird in its full glory.

  21. Wow! Betchai, what a post. I love it. Your words, those beautiful peacock feathers - I would love to have a photo shoot dream like that :)

  22. What a cooperative bird. You couldn't get a better live prop. What a beauty!

  23. I really love these photos ---simply because of the colors of the bird's plume and the way you captured it so perfectly.
    Really regal beauty!

  24. Nice peacock pictures! Now this reminds me of the movie Kungfu Panda 2! Haha!!

  25. How do you scare a peacock ? Though i was at the zoo today and i wanted to take a lovely photo with its feathers open wide in which it would be a good one.Thanks

  26. I can't take my eyes off from these pictures. It looks really awesome and beautiful. A brilliant photo shoot I must say.

  27. Breath-taking photos! Truly a photo shoot dream! Those beautiful wings and hundred eyes are truly amazing. I bet you had a grand time shooting your subject Betchai :)