Monday, November 23, 2009

A Quick Post from Death Valley

A few of our pictures from yesterday at Death Valley National Park. When we get back home, I will write more and will have a chance to choose for my favorite pics to post. I do not have time even to put signature in my pics :)

Common question about the desert is, "is it hot?" When it is summer, definitely, Death Valley is one of the hottest if not the hottest place on Earth. However, this hot place cools down after summer, and how cool does it get? Let me answer with the picture below.

Hiker in the dunes, sunrise ( at low 30s F, or close to 0 C )
 In the vastness of things, we are just but a dot on the Earth.

Can you find the hiker in the picture above?
Is there life in Death Valley?

Arroweed, Surviving the Harsh Environment in the Desert

Salty Meadow
( yes, saw tiny creatures swimming in these creek, will post next time about wildlife at Death Valley captured by our lens)
Saturday, we were at 282 ft below sea level at Badwater Basin, Sunday, we were gazing at it at more than 5000 ft above sea level.

Dante's Ridge, Death Valley National Park, CA

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  1. We are actually a tiny dot on the Earth, but a dot as you seems to enjoy so much in the desert at 0C..

  2. Stunning sunshine and shadows on the dunes. Thirty degrees, brrr, I didn't realize it was so cold there in November!

  3. I see the hiker in the shadow toward the mountain..

    Beautiful photos betchai, and hope everything is great with you!

  4. It's really amazing how you find these places. I am so jealous. I hope I have the time and the partner who would really take me those places.

  5. War...the place is so vast. Don't you guys afraid that you'll get lost. Ha :D

    But the experience must be overwhelming right? :p

  6. 0C in a desert!!..very different from the deserts close to the equator!

  7. wow, i didn't know you and khai were on vacation, beth!! that is wonderful!! i loved viewing your desert photos:) looks like you guys are having a blast over there! and wow, that hiker did look like a tiny dot- or an ant!- roaming through that wilderness. amazing! enjoy the rest of your break from work/school. and pls, beth, don't go anywhere there without your GPS. i hear that it's easy to get lost among sand dunes, since they all look the same. always stay close to khai, too. i remember that time you got lost up in the mountains and almost passed out from the high altitude and thin air:( i don't want you to get lost in the desert. please take care, beth, and bring us more pictures when you get back home:) hugs to you!!!

  8. Betchai, your shots are always breathtaking but I have to say that first one left me breathless, seriously. You make a desert appealing :)

  9. I saw the hiker Betchai, definitely just like a dot there. Somehow the desert shots don't feel so warm at all. I interpreted it as cold actually.

  10. You hike the most remote places! Yes, I can see the hiker in your photo. I guess 30 degrees is better than 120 in the summer.

  11. Bethchai, breathtaking photos, and yes the desert could be so hot but it can be so cold and your photos shows it, i miss the desert Bethchai... thanks for sharing your trip to us :)

  12. Awesome place, I've been there but can't wait to be there again :-)

  13. hi Beth, i loved the way you said- "in the vastness of things, we are just but a dot on the Earth"...since dad died i have been loving the song "Dust in the Wind"...."nothing last forever but the earth and sky...and all your money won't another minute buy, dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind...thank you for taking me to the Death makes me realize how goodness at heart makes things alive and worth living for...mmmm my fave photo here is, the one with Khai in it he he he

  14. Wow. I always feel strange in landscapes that open. Folks from the eastern US are more used to being closed in by hills.