Friday, July 31, 2015

Thankful Thursdate with Myself: Alone But Not Lonely

I love having a date with myself. :) I think I have been doing this since I was a kid. Though I love the company of my brothers, but I always would find a chance to spend time with myself even just outside the house, watching the leaves flutter with the wind, watching the passing clouds, or if it as night, watched the twinkling of the stars. Actually, since I was a child, my favorite praying place is my playing place, outside.

When I was in college, I started dating myself far from home. I would take time out to go to the nearest beach. I enjoyed my time alone, walking, eating, listening to the waves. It's during those times actually I problem solved complex problems I was working at school, or simply writing essays. 

From the nearby beach, I started going to the mountains by myself, as I love the sound in the woods and in the river. It's during those times I found I could come out with very good ideas for my thesis writing. Though I always need to go back to school for the experimentation part of my research, but when I need thorough examination and processing of data, I would prefer out from school, and to the mountains I go.

But I don't seek out a date with myself only when I need to process deep thoughts. I go out alone when I am happy, when I feel celebrating, when I am full of thanksgiving, when I feel sad, etc. My favorite date with myself is at the beach since somehow the powerful sound of the crashing waves sets forth a deep sense of peacefulness within me. 

Thus, I am okay alone, life is good! I am okay with friends, life is good! I am okay with family, life is good. I am okay with husband, life is good! Life is good, for God is good, all the time!

So yesterday was one of those many days of summer I go out on a date with myself. :)  Hubby is at work, while I am still in summer break. 

I started my date of course with a stop at Grill City in Mira Mesa, which is a Filipino eatery that serve grilled sea foods and meat, and the more common Filipino vegetable dish. 
from top left going clockwise: grilled milkfish or grilled bangus, mango slush with boba, laing or taro leaves cooked in coconut milk, and grilled squid

After a very heavy early lunch, I went to La Jolla Cove. First thing I did was to take a picture and texted hubby, "enjoying life!" :) Of course, I am a tease!
first picture I took to text hubby, @ the La Jolla Coast Walk
I planned to take a 5 mile walk with some tidepooling, but it did not happen. Why? I took so many stops, haha! Here are some of the reasons why the 5 mile walk just became 3 miles. :)

 natural arch @ La Jolla Coast Walk
 nature and men, California brown pelicans and kayakers
 sea lions
sea lions
 @ Children's Pool
 @ Children's Pool
@ Children's Pool ( there are harbor seals on those rocks )

 Of course, you can imagine me playing in the water here like a kid. :)

I was not able to go tidepooling further South of the Children's pool because I was feeling hungry already, and I was craving for "alope", an Ilonggo delicacy made from cassava. As much as I love being out in the sea to enjoy myself, I also love eating, hihi, and sleeping, and also love spending time with hubby, so I stepped out of the water, and went back to Mira Mesa to go to Seafood City to buy the foods I craved for. 
alope- made from grated cassava steamed in banana leaves
Filipino Greens

The price of Filipino vegetables are actually too steep compared to kale, broccoli, spinach, etc. Thus our main greens at home are kale, spinach, broccoli, ..., because they are not only inexpensive but more accessible to us. However, once a while ( maybe once every 2 weeks ) I do go out of my way to get Filipino vegetables even though sadly they are 4 times more expensive than kale, broccoli or other more common vegetables here, because eating those vegetables I grew up with always bring unexplained joy of having a taste of home. So today, after my very Thankful Thursdate, I will be starting this Funtastic Fridate making "laswa"- a mixed Filipino vegetables thin soup.
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  1. I also like my alone time. Most people find it necessary to be alone once in a while. You are wise to take these Thursdates.

  2. Having such a wonderful time with yourself like this, I would have it every day too. It is so nice to have time by yourself, doing what you want and going at your own pace. Beautiful photos as always, Betchai.

  3. I like being alone most of the time, especially when I am out with nature. I guess I'm not really alone when nature is there with me.

  4. It's good to have some "me Time".

    Wow...the greens there is sure pricey. Over here we can plant the taro leaves at home. Just nice climate for it

  5. I love your kind of date, Ate Betchai! It must be so refreshing to be on your own. We need some alone time to find ourselves when we are lost, find happiness when lonely, and just be US regardless of circumstances. I also love your kind of food! They are my comfort foods! My Mama is pure blooded Bicolana so "laing" is considered staple food.

    Thanks again for sharing all those stunning pics, Ate Betchai, You never disappoint!

    Love and hugs!

  6. Hi Betchai! Whew you just gave me an idea for a break..I truly am stressed out at work these weekend for me this week :( but looking at your photos and reading your words somehow eases my longing for a date ")