Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Monday's Hiking, Video and Photo Birding at Lake Hodges

Lake Hodges

Though I usually add music to my videos, but in the video above, I chose to not add music since I prefer to listen to the natural music of the wild. The sound of pure joy in nature. I could sit there forever watching the wild and be thankful about this wonderful life, I wish! :) But then of course, life goes on a cycle. Work....home chores....taking care and nourishing physical, mental and spiritual health. That is where the hiking and nature wandering comes in after work, as I get my rejuvenating energy from nature's inspiration.

Lake Hodges is one of the local afternoon hikes we frequent after work because of its amazing wildlife within city limits. Sadly though, we have not been back to this place since Monday because of the smoke from the wildfire Northwest ( Carlsbad, San Marcos, Oceanside ). Praying for the safety of the firefighters and everyone, and praying that the wildfire will be contained soon, and not spread out South. As you could see in this video, there are baby hawks, which are still not capable of flying, matured wildlife may be able to fly away from danger like humans, but the chicks may not. Hoping and praying they stay safe as well.

Anyway, here are more pictures from Monday's rejuvenating in the wild at Lake Hodges.
 Grebes in Courtship Dance

 Mom and many babies

 Baby Red Tail Hawk

 Spawning Fish

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  1. Wow so many fish! Are those carps ateB?

    Hope you are okay and safe from the wildfire. I immediately thought about you when I saw it on the news.

  2. Awesome shots! Special mention to red Tail Hawks' photos...

  3. The grebes courtship dance looks wow! Reminds me of synchronized swimming

  4. Nice way to keep in touch with Mother Nature. :) I would love to relax there and see the wonderful sight! This made me more appreciative of God's creations! :)

  5. That seems to be more than a simple life.

  6. Awww! I so love the Mama and the baby duck and also saw your video in your FB Sis :-) It look so precious and melt my heart :-) You always captures the perfect and amazing shots. I am in awe with your skill and talent as always :-)

  7. The third picture is my favorite , I once saw it when I was in Buffalo campus fond is it so amazing how the mother lead her younger chicks as they heading away to there destination. Such an amazing love!

  8. I'm glad you didn't add music to this video...I love it! The quality and the sound of these wild animals are just awesome! I love nature!

  9. Nature at its best. Lovely photos and wonderful video. Pwede na akong matulog.

  10. wow...another breathtaking sceneries, very nice and especially now that spring is in the air all animals and flowers are coming out...that fish must be humongous as its back size.

  11. viewed the video on your fb timelime beforehand, Beth and my jaw literally dropped! i am not exaggerating! your photos, videos and narrations always make my jaw dropped from amazement and i can't stop being thankful for having a friend like you who constantly reminds me (us) that God is truly the awesomest God!

    have a great week ahead! love yah!

  12. Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful site!