Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Day At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

My First Try of taking non-underwater video, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park
I was not into taking videos before, but somehow, my underwater videos whenever we went snorkeling inspired me to try taking videos also on land. I got the chance today to practice taking videos in the Safari Park. Using my dlsr, I actually find it more challenging to take videos than taking photos. It would be easier to take videos with my point and shoot underwater camera, but it does not do well in zooming when taking videos, and the animals would look too small. I guess, it is just good for my underwater escapades, and taking photos of whatever is near. 
 Anyhow, had a wonderful time at the Safari Park today. The park is huge, so, it was like we took a hike too, but just an easy hike since there was not much change in elevation, haha! A relaxing hike with the animals. Here are some of my pictures.
 Fall Colors and animals ( the birds are wild, visiting the park like me )
Playful Elephants
 Pumpkin Treat for the Meerkats
MOMents in Gorilla Family
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  1. These animals are as playful as us.

  2. i am also into taking videos now but on instagram. too lazy to upload big files, hehe. sa instagram, i just embed the link and viola. but it sure would be great to have high quality videos, love love love yours!

    would love to visit the place with you and the kids someday. have a great week ahead Beth. thanks for the greetings. :)

  3. Looks like an awesome safari park! I love all the animals. Great shots! Enjoy your week!

  4. These are just fantastic shots and I'm so enjoyed looking at them!

  5. Joyous shots! The creatures take away my stress now. Love how you grouped the photos! Love the moments in the Gorilla family so much. The Cheetah makes me want to run!♥