Thursday, October 17, 2013

Yosemite Valley Floor Loop Hike

Kids Enjoying the Meadow, Yosemite Valley Floor
Yosemite National Park abounds with more than 800 miles of trails, from very easy to extremely strenuous. Though most hikers would usually recommend staying away from the valley because for them it is too crowded, but actually, the Yosemite Valley Floor Hike is one of the more peaceful and silent hike in Yosemite. There may be some sections where it is overly crowded to experience a oneness with nature, such as at the trail to the base of Yosemite Falls, 
Yosemite Falls from the trail
and in Bridalveil Falls.
Bridalveil Falls
But after these two places, the other parts of the Yosemite Valley Floor becomes too quiet, you wonder where all the people went. Most people make a pilgrimage to the base of Yosemite Falls, but after that they go somewhere else, or they leave the park. Other hikers avoid the valley floor thinking this is where tourists who do not hike flock and thus too crowded for them to enjoy the serenity of nature. As a result, leaving the other parts of the Yosemite Valley Floor quiet, peaceful, and really inspiring. We were glad we took this trail, as this may be one of Yosemite's best kept secret. 
Cook's Meadow
Only very few people would take a walk to enjoy the lush meadows, woods, 
Blue Jay
butterflies, bees
and deers. 
The route of this hike is through alternating meadows and woodlands, with frequent views of the towering granite cliffs and the alluring Merced River. 
Yosemite Fall and Merced River
The water here was so clear that we can actually even see some fishes swimming in the river. The total distance of the hike is 13 miles loop, with only about 200 ft change in elevation. We were so glad we took this trail and did not follow the popular notion that this is a crowded hike. Except at Bridalveil and Yosemite Falls, the trail is mostly quiet and serene, and maybe, one of the less traveled path in Yosemite.
Yosemite Falls from the Valley Floor
If I were to add, though we did saw this endorsement only after the trip, the National Geographic describe the Yosemite Valley Floor hike as a must do secret in Yosemite, and it further added that this trail  has not seen much foot traffic since the 1950s! No wonder why when we took the trail, it was so tranquil and inspiring, so contrary to the popular advises I got to avoid the valley floor. I am glad we took this trail, I am glad we listened to the park ranger when we asked him what is his favorite trail in Yosemite that he would recommend us to take.  
This trail is like walking in a garden, so beautifully adorned with green grasses and wildflowers, surrounded by lush green trees, naturally adorned by majestic granite rocks, 
El Capitan, the largest granite monolith standing at 3000 ft
with North America's tallest waterfall and the crystal clear water of Merced River running through it. 
Yosemite Falls

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  1. Betchai,If I ever go to Yosemite, I want to see the Valley Floor. The flowers you found are so pretty, and of course I love of your pictures of the beautiful creatures. Your top photo of kids enjoying the meadow is awesome!

  2. So gorgeous, and majestic!

    Your photos are just stunning..

  3. Wow..Yosemite falls's really beautiful. Good work on photo 2!

  4. I hope you are enjoying your vacation. I love the waterfall shots, and of course the trees. I have a thing for trees, LOL

  5. I have not really captured good pictures on gorgeous waterfalls.
    Hopefully the day will come real soon. By the way, enjoy your vacation.

  6. Yosemite is my favorite place on earth. Ever. We are going to be near there next week on vacation, I think maybe I will drive over and see if I can catch some nice shots. They won't compare to yours, but you can't go wrong when photographic there.

    I hope you enjoy Redwood National Park. It is beautiful there too.

  7. Betchai you'll be in redwood? So your roadtrip goes far to the must've passed my area

    Nice views, i love most shots and that beautiful. =)

    Never been there, we're so tied up with work and barely go out.

    Take care! have a safe trip! will wait for your return =)

  8. Wow.. this really looks like a majestic walk! tks for all the photos!!

  9. hi Betchai! hope you have a great time there at Redwood. at first i thought eto na ang pasalubong mong pics! hehehe! what can i say? your photos are like wine... habang tumatagal pasarap ng pasarap at nakaka-addict! you are GOD's gift to all nature lovers like me who don't get to travel and enjoy nature at its best! ;-)

  10. If I am ever able to get to Yosemite, that is the trail I'll choose. The waterfall would be worth it, even while there are still many people. The rest of that quiet trail would be one of the best times ever.

  11. Again beautiful pics, love the rainbow and El Capitan with the jet.

  12. Oh wow, it is absolutely God's country up there. I haven't been there in so long and these photos make me want to take a trek up there now. Spectacular shots betchai.

  13. oh! betchai, again, thank you for bringing me closer to mother nature. your snap shots are breathtakingly beautiful!!!!

    wish i aws there with you but your pics is as perfect, makes me feel i was actually there with you...ha!ha1ha!

  14. Those waterfall photos were amazing! What a beautiful setting.

  15. Oh my goodness! Those photos are one of my favorites so far....They are sooooooooooo gorgeous, I can't help but be amazed!!

    Debbie :)

  16. dropping to get my regular dose of nature love from you. :D

  17. Yosemite is the National Park I enjoyed the most in the States.