Saturday, July 14, 2012

Point Lobos State National Reserve: Wildlife (Part 2 of 3)

Looking North to the Town of Carmel and Monterey from Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
To continue my previous post on Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, on top of spectacular views from its hiking trails, visitors will be delighted with the wildlife here. I would like to also share that aside from land wildlife, Point Lobos is a popular site for diving because its offshore area forms one of the richest underwater habitat in the world. Anyway, here are some of our wildlife encounter at Point Lobos.

Seals on The Cove 
 Cormorants on Rock
 Lovely Deer
Amongst The Wildflowers
Camouflaged in the Grass
Location: Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is on the Central Coast of California, 3 miles South of the town of Carmel on Highway 1, Monterey County.
Please click Point Lobos Part 1 to go to my previous post. For more information about the reserve, please visit Point Lobos SNR site.
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  1. hi Beth! enjoy your vacation with Khai.
    ps. thank you so much for the prayers, all is well at home now. praise God walang nahawa samin. you guys keep safe, take care and have a great time! missing you already...

  2. oh the lovely deer shots I looked forward to seeing! echoing twinzy on wishing you and Khai an enjoyable sure you'd bring home lots of joyful mother nature treats for all of us! :-)

  3. I love the photos of critters! What a great place to see them!

    (The comment form is back, so not to worry and enjoy your vacation!)

  4. I am feeling a little bitter towards deer right now. They bit the flowers off of all my tiger lilies. I hope you are having a lovely vacation.

  5. It must be a great place for me.

    I'll enjoy all these.

  6. How cool to see deers! I hope you're having fun wherever you are. Looking forward to seeing your vacation pictures.

  7. I love the line of rocks extending into the water on that first one.

  8. I love to see animals roams freely...

  9. That deer is a fantastic capture. What beautiful scenery and you've captured it's essence so well in these photos.

  10. Seems like a wonderfully beautiful place. Loved those real shots especially.
    Have a fantastic time off blog, enjoy:)

  11. camouflaged yet captivating…

  12. Great information! I am very fond of the wildlife and love this pics you share,thanks for sharing this wildlife information.