Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The Green World At La Jolla Shores Tidepool
What Do You See in these rocks? I saw Eerie Green Guards of the Tidepool, Look at those watchful eyes!

 What Green Did I See?
 Green Anemone
 Egret Tidepooling in Green Rocks
Orange in Green
( I wonder what the name of this orange creature is, it looks like a jell, but I was scared to touch it may sting )

 Reflection of Orange Starfish and Green Rocks
 Starfish Enjoying the Company of Green Anemone
Maroon Starfish on Green Sea Weed
All tidepool pictures above were taken from Dike Rock Tide Pools, north of Scripps Pier and La Jolla Shores. You will see here a lot of biology students with their data sheet and camera observing the changes of tidepool life in the area. In the midst of these green rocks are diverse tidepool creatures. 

Good Time to Visit for Tidepooling: Any time of the year as long as it is low tide. Check La Jolla Tide Table or you can also download Tides for Iphone apps, perfect apps to check for tide data wherever you may be. In San Diego, most of the low tides in day time occur from late fall to spring, with negative low tides (the best time) mostly in the winter. The photos above were taken at 0.4 ft low tide.

Parking: Parking is free at La Jolla Shores Beach Park, then you walk North along the sandy beach of La Jolla Shores towards Scripps Pier. The Dike Rock tidepool is a little bit further North of Scripps Pier. This tidepool area is located on University of California-San Diego property and is part of the La Jolla Underwater Park Marine Reserve

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  1. Wow, green and so beautiful! and the orange lovely creatures are a joy to view! the water with the starfishes is so inviting..I really can't wait to one day explore the place with you...

  2. Such a beautiful green world at Tide Pool, Betchai! I love looking at star fish as it is so fascinating and that green anemone is also beautiful.

  3. Tide pools are so cool. What amazing sea life.

  4. This looks amazing. Great place.


  5. I love this very specific color of green. It is so alive and fresh!

  6. Out of all of the beautiful places you've shared that is one of the best.

  7. green is Mond's favorite color! oh,that green anemone is a sight to behold!

  8. Wow, Betchai, I love these. The egret tide pooling is awesome. Great shots.

  9. I like this post!!!

    And the pcitures.

    And the green colour.

    A wonderful colour.

  10. it looks and feels so magical in green, the seastars are so beautiful too! the green anemone is amazing (never seen something like this)! sunny greetings...

  11. I love the greenery! And that orange creature too! : )

  12. Oh what a beautiful green world, and those sea critters are amazing and fascinating to see for people like me who live in the northern part!

  13. Delightful to see so much green color at the beach, love to see the egret and starfish too. :)

  14. This is so beautiful. It must feel that we are not on earth, the pics are telling that!!! Beautiful bright colors too.
    Have a fabulous sunday:)

  15. wow, la jolla is an amazing place on earth. every nook and cranny offers wonderful things to explore.

  16. wow it was so beautiful ....
    Nature is a wonder....

  17. When I see green stuff, I thought about Shrek !


  18. Ang lulusog ng starfish. That photo with an orange starfish, it formed like a human lips, the pouty one.

    The first photo is breathtaking. Love all the images.

  19. The whole area is so worth seeing! I've been there, but yet did not see this area, where do you find such haven Betchai?