Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Redwood National and State Parks, CA

In my older posts, I featured the awe inspiring Fern Canyon, part of Redwood National and State Parks, in Northern California which is both a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve. Fellow blogging friend Sharkbytes, a botanical enthusiast and a long distance hiker, showed interest in knowing what kind of ferns these are.
Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
If you take a closer look at the picture above (you may click on the above picture to enlarge), you will notice a combination of different ferns. Some of these exquisite ferns are ancient species whose ancestry can be traced back 325 million years.  The 3 major types of fern in the canyon are:
Five- Fingered Ferns
Delicate Lady Ferns
Sword Ferns
Five- fingered ferns shroud the walls of the canyon the most.  However, on the ground, everywhere, the most common is the sword fern. But you will see all these 3 types of fern clinging to the cliffs of the canyon walls. 
What else are in here at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park other than Fern Canyon? Of course, there are still the tall redwood trees,
Redwoods @ Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
( if you missed my 2 previous posts on redwood trees, you can see them here and here )
interesting moss covered branches that line the trail by Big Tree Wayside Trail,
drooping moss covered branches @ Big Tree Wayside Trail
( here, the very tall ferns lining the trail are mostly the sword ferns) 
and some hollow trees covered with moss that look like cave.
A Hollow Big Redwood Tree Surrounded by Small Moss Covered Branches
And of course, there is the prairie graced by elks.
Elk Prairie
Roosevelt Elks
These elks are huge that I was at first scared to take a picture of them up close, but after we have an eye to eye, they seemed to understand that we are not going to cause any harm, that they continued grazing happily on grass.
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  1. I like looking at ferns a lot but I probably know less about them than most plants. They seem to look so orderly to me. The elk are great too. I haven't ever personally seen an animal with antlers yet.

  2. I enjoyed learning about the different kinds of ferns that grow at Fern Canyon. That is an enchanting place I would like to visit someday.

  3. You have a beeter ubderstanding on moss than me. I see sword ferns all over Cerok Tokun, but there are some others, will go back to study and compare with your five-fingered ferns and delicate lady ferns.

  4. Oh yes. I can see the different ferns and the hollow trees are spooky. As if they want to devour you alive. Muahahaha

  5. The hollow tree looks spooky, just like my "fingers" photos! But the fern and moss are spectacular!

    Incredible photos as always, Betchai!

  6. I was looking closely at the ferns, and it made me remember the old days...Back then, my mother would pick up and cut a fern and make it as a decoration during graduation or recognition day after the end of the school year... :) I'm not sure though if it's the same thing as in your pictures....

    Thank you for the photos Betchai..They are again, so beautiful!!


  7. Go redwood state and national park.Don't miss drive though tree near 101 in south of eureka.

  8. Thanks Betchai for posting these pictures of lush greens... just what I really need at this time of the year. I long to see green. Can't wait for spring. And the elk... they are awesome.

  9. Oh Betchai, that's awesome! I like looking ferns..Your pictures are fantastic.

  10. Oh my gosh, Beth! I have never seen so much fern in all my life! Not just fern...healthy, profusely growing ferns! It's a paradise for fern-lovers like me! I painstakingly care for some, but had to give up because it's like caring for an eagle in your house. They are so wild, after a while you take pity on them and give up. You have captured them nicely and the elks, wow! What a sighting! We saw some on our way to the grand canyon but we're not able to take good photos. I will show those photos to Doods when he wakes up (I woke up unusually early today -hehe) You and Khai are so fortunate to have seen all those wonderful places, Beth! :)

  11. Fern makes everything so lush, and fresh..Beautiful photos!

  12. so much greens and so much are such an adventurer bethchai