Friday, March 09, 2012

Even Paradise Needs An Adventure Vacation!

In my dreams.....
I was in Cape Town! I had a wonderful hike, to the top of Table Mountain
and overlooking the city of Cape Town, one of the world's most beautiful natural cities. Mesmerized by the beautiful rugged contours of exposed Earth, revealing to me its majestic curves, I closed my eyes and savor each priceless moment of being one with the beauty of nature. I relaxed, smiled happily, beside me was my hiking partner for life, holding my hands, pressing it gently from time to time, softly whispering sweet words to my ears, "happy to be living in such a beautiful world with you...."

With his soft whisper, I heard the soothing crashing of the waves, I felt the gentle caress of the sea breeze on my skin, I smelled the heavenly scent of wildflowers gracefully swaying in daylight. I was in a place with such a sight to behold and a scent to die for.
I was joyfully agreeing with my hubby's words, my heart singing in glee for being blessed to be in such a wonderful world. I was enjoying every moment of that dream on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, when all of a sudden I was awakened. The hand that were gently holding mine went loose, the soft whispering became joyful shouting, "Dolphins! Dolphins in parade!"
My hiking partner for life left my side and was already busy with capturing dolphins.
It was then when I realized, that my hike in Cape town was just a dream. I was still in our piece of paradise, in our home sweet home San Diego. Sorry to disappoint you all, but I was dreaming. All of the pictures in this post are from our home sweet home San Diego, not from Cape Town.
I have met a lot of people asking me, you live in paradise, why do you still plan for vacation? My simple reply, " because even paradise needs an adventure vacation!"
Now, do I start looking for flights to cape town to make the dream a reality? Ahhhh! I will let time tell!!
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  1. You live in a beautiful place, I love the photos. The flowers and scenery are gorgeous.

  2. I love the see the sea of flowers that I have not seen personally.

  3. That was a beautiful dream and very loving partner you had there, Betchai! It's so true that even paradise needs a vacation to rejuvenate!

  4. Oh! I thought you really went to Cape Town! Haha! Ok, make that a reality! : )

  5. may be it is a life's dream where you live!
    Enjoy all the moments!

  6. San Diego is such a beautiful city. I would love to live there.

  7. You hike in such beautiful places. This explains why you love adventuring out whenever you can.

  8. I can see your love to nature in your fantastic shots!!! thanks for those magic colours and pretty souvenirs...happy new week from me:-))

  9. Haha- you are being tricky! I wondered how you got the pictures of Cape Town if you were only dreaming. No matter... they are beautiful.

  10. "happy to be living in such a beautiful world with you...." - didn't know Khai is that mushy. haha! i love mushy men, prefer than those macho men who, hmmmn, i shall not say anything bad.
    you are so blessed indeed to be living in a paradise with your partner in life. and yes i agree, even paradise needs a vacation too. i always get excited discovering places far away from home even if our Filipino parish priest keeps reminding us that we live in paradise called little red dot.

  11. You live in Paradise indeed, no need to travel far to savor the salty breeze!

  12. keep dreaming Beth and one day it will become a reality ! Gorgeous photos by the way !!!