Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Road Trip Fun

Enjoying a Beautiful Sunset While on The Road
We love to take road trips once a while, may it be on a weekend, or during vacation. In fact, our kind of vacation is always "on the go" type, since we wanted to explore different places. We are the type who are not satisfied with viewing the place from the road only, we prefer to see and experience what is deep within, far from the main road. It is always a different joy to be able to see and experience wonders of nature that most do not see because they choose not to move their feet as much. Whenever we get a chance, we explore our world by car, and by foot.
However, in instances that we needed to fly, we had to rely on rental cars to get to places. Thankfully, there are many reliable rental cars around. There are many cars to choose from, from economy to luxury. If there are just the two of us vacationing, we would usually rent an entry level car such as the mitsubishi lancer. Mitsubishi Lancer is a wonderful car, it is actually my first car, and I love it. However, if we have longer rides, and if there are 3 or 4 of us, we prefer to have a large sedan such as nissan maxima, or a cadillac cts. 
Powerful nissan maxima cruising the road
Sometimes, by the time we get our car, the car we chose would not longer be available and we get an upgrade such as mercedes benz cls for the same price, how lucky can we get? There is just so much in this world to see, and I am glad for these reliable cars to bring us to our destination, and am glad for our feet to bring us further to places where cars can't go. Indeed, life is beautiful.
Hiking at Hidden Canyon, Zion National Park, UT
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  1. I try to see how many out of state licenses plates I can spot. I then try to name some of the cities in that state. It really makes you think but can be fun. I have remembered people at times that I had forgotten or not thought of in a very long time who lived there..

  2. It has come in handy while driving through areas where there are no decent radio stations when I left the music I had planned to pack at home on the bed.

  3. I just so enjoy and appreciate your sense of wonder. Your photos take us on journeys we may have never even seen for ourselves. Great shots.