Saturday, April 03, 2010

Up Close and Personal

The week has passed and I have not been anywhere but home, this is the first spring break in many years that we have not been anywhere because we are down with cold. It's good to be home though, good to be relaxing and resting, but what is not good is dealing with cough and cold :(

Getting cold slowed us down, no more hiking, just home...home....and home....sometimes, we take a relaxing walk around though....and since we are more into sitting down and relaxing now, here are some pictures I took this week out of slowing down.
Monarch Up Close
Inside of an Orange Lily
Hug Hug Me Tight - Sipping the Sweet Nectar 
No, I did not inhale the pollen of this daisy, I hold my breath while taking this picture
The Reason Behind Allergies!
Got Ya! Inside the Rose
My Pink Rose
I guess, looking at the positive side of being down with a cold, though there are no more scenic landscape, rolling mountains and waterfall pictures to take from hiking, but stopping allowed me to take a closer look at the flowers and we have more time now to wait for the bees and the butterflies. 

Happy Easter everyone. 
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  1. Happy Easter, Betchai! Sorry I haven't been active for quite a while. Good thing I could visit you on FB. =) So you were just home too. Perfect time to relax a li'l bit. Happy for you. And your pictures are as captivating as always.
    Best regards!

  2. I usually forget to slow down and take closer looks at things. I rely on reminders from closeup pictures like these. These are some of the best slowdown pictures I've seen. I hope you recover from your cold quickly though.

  3. Stopping allowed me to take a closer look at the flowers and we have more time now to wait for the bees and the butterflies, and have more time to observe and to reflect.

  4. Is that a bee? So beautiful. :D

    Sometimes..there's silver lining for everything right?

  5. They are gorgeous close-ups, Betchai. Sorry you both were down with cold and cough..

    Happy Easter, Betchai!

  6. there is a photo competition in my area n it deals with flora n fauna. i am sure if i could only take pics like these i would have a chance

  7. What a great and vivid macro shots! Happy Easter betchai! :)

  8. I hope you're feeling better! I love your close up shots, especially the butterfly hugging the flower.

  9. Hi Bets, nice chatting with you last night, and I really hope you will get over the colds soon.

    Your macros of the bugs and the flowers are great! The details so vivid.

    I have started toying with ideas on what to write and title my post.

    The butterfly pavilion is opening soon, so we will get to see a lot of them.

    Take care.

  10. Great macro shots! Hope you're felling better, Betchai.

  11. awesome macros, Beth. indeed, there's a season & reason for everything. your slowing down made you capture flowers & critters up close beautifully. :)

    i hope you are well by now. i am starting to cough a bit too, hopefully maagapan ng cough syrup. grabe din pag ako ang inatake ng ubo. i couldn't sleep at night coz i keep on barking too. :(

    btw, i didn't know you've been to Penang too. yeah, it is such a nice place. we didn't try parasailing as Mond is scared of heights &water. hehehe! sabi ko ako lang mag-isa, sabi niya next time daw. ;)

  12. Oh no Betchai I am so sorry you were sick. Your pictures take my breath away.

  13. Oh Betchai, I saw these on your FB and that monarch is extraordinary. The way you've captured the details is stunning. Fantastic shots.

  14. did you get up close to the butterfly? These insects are so difficult to photograph.

  15. so artistic shots

    are you ok now?

    i hd a very busy easter, we were just home fixing and re arranging the furnitures...stioll not done

  16. You are feeling better now. These photos are just as scenic as your trips. Love these macros! I've never been successful in taking similar photos.

  17. hope you feel a lot better now.
    And beautiful close up pictures :-) Love them all.

  18. Love the macro shots... you know by now that I am a sucker for macro photography. I need to do a lot of paid post to be able to buy a new cam that can do these. then, it will take a lot of posts to be able to come up with the money. hahahaha wink***

  19. Hello Betchai,
    I'm Ebie's CO friend, and I'm visiting you for the first time from her Blog. What wonderful Nature photos you have here. I've enjoyed looking through your posts. Hope you are feeling well.