Friday, January 15, 2010

Joy Rides

Sunset @ Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego
In two months, we'll have our last free maintenance service for our sedan, after that we will be on our own. One great service we had been enjoying for almost six years now since we bought our car is the $0 maintenance cost for the first four years, and we just paid a little more to buy maintenance for two more years. However, there is no extension of service maintance anymore after the 6th year, that now, we have to be on our own.
Sunset, San Onofre State Beach
Since we intend to keep our car while it still runs efficiently and does not give us any headache, we are now on the process of finding a reliable and less expensive car servicing company. Thankfully, I have heard from a friend in Chicago who recently had the water pump of her ten year old Toyota Corolla replaced at Chicago auto repair. I am glad to know that this car repair and servicing company is all over US, and I can find them in San Diego too. It is great to know we can have this quick and reliable car help, for we intend to have many more joy rides from our car.
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  1. Car maintenance is a pain in the you-know-what but we have no choice if we want to be safe. I just had my 3rd oil change recently and all other things that they do with my car which I am glad still free. Good thing Hubby has a mechanic friend who can do our car maintenance for less if not for free. With oil change... Hubby can do it himself so we kinda save on that.

  2. have a BMW? :p

    Car maintenance is not cheap right? Sometimes it can really burn a hole in our pocket.

  3. Car maintenance is a must, and my car ran out of this long ago..It is so good to have that extra protection though!

  4. To own a car is to take care of a car! It can be expensive and the extra coverage is well worth it.

  5. Doods always prioritize on car maintenance because we are fond of long-driving, it's a must. Thank you for this informative post, Beth! *hugs*

  6. That first picture was incredible!
    Sunsets can be so beautiful!

  7. our car needs proper care too... to bring us to our safety always