Sunday, October 04, 2009

Was It Hot?

In my previous post, a picture of the Wild Wild West, there were several questions if it was hot, and they can almost feel the hotness and dryness of the place.

To answer, here are some pictures that has "us" in the pictures, and probably you can find the answer if it was hot.

The Thumb, Monument Valley
( looks hot and dry, right?)

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley
Hmmmm, why do we all wear sweaters/ light jackets? And what is that white strip at the back of the butte? Let us take a closer look.

Monument Valley
And even closer

Snowcapped Mountain Surrounding Monument Valley
To answer the question, it was not hot when we were there, which was spring 2009, about mid April. It was not cold either, at least, it was not below freezing. The temperature was in the 40s- 50s ( below 10 degree Celsius). It can be below freezing here in the winter, yet hot in the summer. But being in the desert, it was very dry as we needed to apply lip moisturizer more often.
The best time to visit Monument Valley and other interesting places in the Grand Circle is actually fall and spring (winter can be too cold for some), but the peak visitation would you believe, is summer? This was our best trip so far in terms of weather, we did not have to turn on any air- conditioner nor heater. It was neither hot nor cold, just comfortable.
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  1. That's a nice comfy trip. I admit weather and temperature is a big factor for my travels. I hate it when it's terribly hot and freezing cold. Eevn just having my usual afternoon walk...i like it better when i can just walk comfortably with my sweats without dripping all over coz of the hot weather.

    it's a very nice can see nice colors and views.

  2. well yes, you've answer the question I wanted to ask, but feel sill to even type it out..Desert is hot, but I was wrong..

    Beautiful photo, and fun post, betchai!

  3. Wow, looks can be deceiving! It looked hot because of its color. But you've cleared that out.

    Beautiful shots, Beth! Clear and vibrant! Cute, funny pose -teehee! I do it a lot too...

    Miss you! *hugs*

  4. I never get tired seeing those rock formations. I can't imagine going there during the harsh summer or winter months. I have never been there, but it looks like you guys did quite a bit of hiking to get so close. Did you bring the family dog too? :)

    Thanks for commenting on my last post. It would've been appropriate for this mobile to be at a hot dog festival.

  5. WOW! Another stunning photos!! Perfect!

  6. amazing post.thanks for share so interesting post.