Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hiking No More?

Torrey Pines State Reserve from the shore
I was walking on the beach with my husband's niece towards flat rock, her favorite spot to spend time in San Diego to watch for tiny sea creatures at the tidepool. Usually, after flat rock, we would hike up the bluffs. While she was enjoying the tidepool, I casually asked her, "would you want to hike up the bluffs?" She looked up, then, looked far at the blue ocean, and said, "NO! I feel like I have done enough hiking, I hiked Grand Canyon, hiked Angels Landing, hiked Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic, I feel like, why hike Torrey Pines when there is more to it that Grand Canyon, Angels Landing and Bumpass Hell do not have?"
What did she mean by what does Torrey Pines have that the other parks she hiked do not have? These:
and then, more waves
and more waves
Riding waves seem to be more fun, so, she got the time of her life riding the waves, forgetting about what is above Torrey Pines which according to her can not compare with Grand Canyon, Angels Landing, and Bumpass Hell. My husband agrees, I neither agreed nor disagreed, just told them each place is unique and they have their own unique beauty. Torrey Pines may be nothing compared to the grandness of Grand Canyon, compared to the thrill and excitement in Angels Landing and Bumpass Hell, but to me, it still has its own allure that calls me always to go up the top of the bluffs. What is at the top? Just seeing and hearing the splashing waves from the top of the cliff, it is different from gazing below.
Torrey Pines from the top of the Bluffs
Desert Formation Right Next to the Ocean
Badlands By the Sea
Which one is more fun? Hiking to the top of the bluffs or riding the waves? Are you one of those who on seeing the wave forgets about hiking and just simply say "hiking no more....waves, here I come!"?

I love both, I can't say "hiking no more", even if it is at Torrey Pines!
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  1. i bet you'll never ever say "hiking no more", Betrchai! ;)

  2. Hiking no more to me maybe many years later when I shall need the help of a stick.

  3. As long as you could hike, and ride the wave, do both for the difference experiences.. You're so good with both, and it shows in your wonderful photos.

  4. Betchai, I agree, though one place may not be as grand as the other, just enjoying the beauty of nature, would be enough for me. Your pictures are breath taking.

  5. You always let me stunned with those beautiful panoramic shots! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'd go for both. The place exudes beauty and wonder! I'd love to visit Torrey Pines one day.

  7. Well I ha never been on beach before as we had no sea in Nepal .. but then now as I am in Australia .. the first thing i did was went to the beach .. and swam in the seas . Riding the waves .. that was just top of the world ..
    Thanks for sharing this post .. your pictures are just stunning ..

  8. Oh! I love the contrast between badlands and the sea! One full of life, the other simply barren and dry.

  9. One of my sons loves water and would always choose riding waves over hiking. I like both but maybe hiking a little more, especially in canyons where there's a little shade.

  10. Beautiful images betchai! Every area has it's own beauty, never say never.

  11. I think I prefer hiking, cos I don't know how to swim! Haha!

    But I love to watch the waves! :)

  12. hi betchai...stay on the shore and pick up shells? hehe that's me! and snap photos too! not much in deep waters and not into hiking too much as well. I can hike more than ride the waves though. hihihi

    how's school going?

  13. I like hiking because there is so much to see and discover. I could never give up that discovery of hiking. I could have fun doing the other things, but I always return to hiking.