Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back Exercises

I was looking for really good back exercise to provide me really good back strength and support, so that when we hike, I do not have to complain about back pain with the weight we are carrying. Then, I came across this wonderful exercises for back pain.

The video and exercise instructions are very easy to follow, I am sure you will be glad to do these exercises. You can check the step by step instructions for the back exercise by checking the link, exercises for back pain.

Hope you will find the exercise useful as much as I did.

This post is sponsored by Back to Yourself, supporting self-treatment for back pain. There is a free access to exercises page, and they offer free trial for those who wanted to do the actual program which includes daily routine with video playlist, more than just a list of exercises.
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  1. taking care of yourself most esp doing this kind of heavy activities is a must! I don't really exercise much but I see to it we eat healthy and have my afternoon walks once in a while. =) Does this apply too when you're carrying a baby? imagine that big bump on your tummy, that gives extra stress on your back too right?

  2. I really need to know this too..Back pain is my constant complain!