Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Upper Yosemite Falls

Below is the view of Yosemite Falls from the Valley Floor.
While all the pictures that follow below are from the trail above the Valley Floor. Let's hike up....
 View of Upper Yosemite Fall With Half Dome from Upper Yosemite Trail
 the trail was icier towards the top
 Upper Yosemite Fall and Hlaf Dome

Here is a short video from our hike:
Hike Overview : Yosemite Falls hike is a 7.2 miles round trip, climbing 2700 ft. The trail is like a giant staircase, with steep stretches, numerous switchbacks, and some parts, very narrow with high steep drop-offs. The entire hike however is very rewarding, with amazing views everywhere.

 Below are some specifics: ( source: Yosemite National Park's Page )

Columbia Rock Distance: 2 miles (3.2 km) round trip Elevation: 1,000 ft (328 m) elevation gain Difficulty: Moderate Time: 2-3 hours round trip Begin at: Camp 4 area (near shuttle stop #7 and El Capitan Shuttle stop #E2)

Top of Yosemite Falls Distance: 7.2 miles (11.6 km) round trip Elevation: 2,700 ft (823 m) elevation gain Difficulty: Strenuous Time: 6-8 hours round trip Begin at: Camp 4 area (near shuttle stop #7 and El Capitan Shuttle stop #E2)

 ** I apologize if there are not enough personal experience integrated in this post, as somehow, I am still in writing block, however, I feel like I should not stop sharing the pictures before they get too old and I feel too uninspired to share. I may come back to this post later to improve the writing when I am more inspired. Meantime, I hope pictures are enough to convey that Yosemite Falls hike is so much worth burning several thousands of calories. It's really worth the hike. I love it.**
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  1. Wow! Such gorgeous beauty~ betchai, you give us a peep into the heavens, this is pure bliss. Such surreal wonders of nature, your pictures are the next best thing to actually being there in person. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish I can walk the trail in person also someday.

  2. Feeling like at home.

    This is how I feel looking at your pictures.

  3. OMG! Yep, Stunning. Wish I have the time and travel fund now to see that beautiful spot!

  4. Wow, heaven on earth! Everything looks amazing

  5. Oh wow, must be awesome to see that up close AteB. These are gorgeous shots!

  6. very nice view! i am sure you'll add your age but still look young by having a busy and active life

  7. Amazing. I really love reading your blog posts, Betchai. It seems you have this message in every picture that shows how wonderful God's creation is. Keep on sharing your pictures to the world.

  8. Great and stunning photos as always. Makakapunta rin ako riyan.

  9. Gosh! you are an awesome hiker Sis :-) You have so much ability to walk and enjoy the nature that surrounds you. What a beautiful falls to explore :-)

  10. Thank God for the beauty of nature and thank your for giving me a glimpse of this through your photos.

  11. Such a lovely place to visit, especially for adventure junkies. I wish I also get to see Yosemite Falls up close and personal.

  12. Such a breathtaking view Betchai. I like the sight of the falls to it's so in-touch in the nature. what a perfect experience of heaven that is. :)

  13. I am running out of adjectives to describe the places you've been to, Beth. All breathtaking! This one, to me, is mystical. Have a great week ahead to you and KTL. :)

  14. Wish I could burn calories that way too!: ) bluemagic!:) -that's how I see this place through your lens and you will always be wonderwoman to me... ahhh I remember what the place reminds me of! -the scenes in the movie Malificent I viewed with the fambam yesterday!: )

  15. Amazing photos as always, Betchai!
    Sorry for the late coming, but blogging blues is kicking in...

  16. I wish even one time I would go on a big adventure like the ones you go on.