Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faces Part 3: My Version

Red Panda
I have shared a while back two posts, Faces and Faces Part 2. However, all those pictures I shared were taken by my hubby who is always excited to shoot faces of animals. His influence taught me to be patient on animals too :) Photographing animals is not always the easiest since we have no control over their movements and lighting. If they are in the dim shade, we can cannot ask them to be out to get lit a bit. If they are too far, we can not ask them to move closer. To capture their interesting faces, oftentimes, we have to patiently watch them as they transition from one activity to the next, or from one emotion to another. Patience out of the doors is not something I have since I am easily distractible especially when I see a lot of flowers and other subjects to shoot. Anyway, here is my version of faces.
Happy Red Panda ("hello, am glad you came to visit me today" )
Giant Panda ( just shoot you girl, I am busy eating and will continue eating )
Giraffe ("Hi)
Lion - "I am the King! I can sleep all day if I want to" :)

Baby tigers - "hello, we are still curious about our world, are you one of us?"
Baby and Mom Tiger - (baby: "mom"? )
Mom Tiger - (mom:"what? today i'll teach you to growl, growl at them!" )
Pensive Orangutan
Jaguar- fierce!
Cheetah running at full speed- he completed 100 meters in 5.6 seconds! No land mammal can beat that! Cheetahs are the fastest land mammal on Earth. They can run up to 70 miles per hour. 
(anyway, a lot of people did not even attempt to take picture of cheetah since cheetah was too fast for their camera, just watching cheetah run at full speed alone is already a unique experience). 
Cheetah and Dog- who is the leader in the relationship? It is the dog! Trainers use dog to train cheetah.
Playful and Pensive Orangutan

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  1. These are fantastic animal faces! I don't know how you got the running cheetah. The curious baby tigers are so cute and I like the pensive orangutan.

  2. Betchai, Wow!!! These are just amazing. I love the giant panda and how in the world were you able to capture that cheetah? That is an extraordinary shot. The baby tigers are so cute. I just love these faces.

  3. Love all of them, but I find the red panda so unique and cute!

  4. Adorable faces, and like Ebie, red panda looks amazingly cute!

  5. Nice photos of the animals' faces! I'm glad you captured the faces of the red panda and the giant panda! : )

  6. Betchai this is so amazing... advantage of having a high mm lens for your camera because you can capture something very close...thanks for sharing this... and keep it coming

  7. great animal portraits! some make me smile...hope u have a great+relaxing weekend! smiles from sofia...

  8. Super, I love animals.


  9. I would like to stand in front, say hello, and ask for permission before taking their pictures.

    The pictures are great.

  10. You did a great job! I think the red panda is charming.

  11. cuteness to the max! you are so lucky to capture such creature in your lens. I enjoyed looking at them.

  12. Wow..adorable faces of these animals! Some are scary looking, but fascinating at the same time.

  13. Wonderful faces and critters. Awesome photos.

  14. Do not tell Angels Landing but I think your version is more awesome hahahahahaha, gosh I so love them all!!!!!!!

  15. Those are such great photos. I have to admit, animal photos are my favorites. I adore the red panda.

  16. Miss Beth, the expression in the red panda's face is priceless!!!

    I also saw red pandas, but they were far more active than the giant panda... Taking their pics were quite difficult... I think out of more than 10 shots, only one was not blurred!

    The yawning/growling tiger rocks!!!

    Great capture on the cheetah too!!! Despite its speed, it was frozen tack sharp in your pic...

  17. I love the second photo. Something about the short and square look that always attracted me whether human or animal.

  18. You did a wonderful job in capturing all the unique faces! With my luck, the zoo animals like to show me their backside. You have officially mastered the art of patience!

  19. great shots and beautiful take on faces...

    that leap shot was amazing!

  20. Interesting faces indeed, Betchik! As always your close up shots of critters never fail to amaze me -clear and vibrant! :)