Friday, August 12, 2011

Blackstone Glacier

As the trip planner of the family, I wanted to start our Alaska adventure experiencing what we had known of Alaska from books and magazines. For our first full day in Alaska, we experienced towering masses of ice, icebergs, and whales up close but not personal. 
A Breathing Whale with Glacier and Mountains, Blackstone Bay, Prince William Sound, Alaska
Whale Tale, Mountains and Glacier at Blackstone Bay
We watched glacial and wildlife activity from a safe distance in M/V Emerald Sea of Major Marine Tours which is accompanied by a Chugach National Forest Park Ranger. Somehow, I always feel safe with any activity that has a National Park or State Park Ranger in it, because they are the institutions who preserve our natural resources and keep people well informed about nature and science at the same time keeping people out of danger and bringing them to safety. 
Blackstone Glacier and Waterfalls
A Closer Look of Blackstone Glacier and Waterfall
From Anchorage, we drove to Whittier Port where we departed for the 5-hr Prince William Sound Glacier Cruise. The drive from Anchorage to Whittier was supposed to be only an hour or less, but because there were so many scenic stops, it definitely took us 2 hours if not more :). Whittier alone and Portage Valley is pretty, even without taking the cruise it is still worth the 1 hour drive from Anchorage. 
Port of Whittier
I will share more photos of  the beautiful scenery between Anchorage and Whittier in my later posts. The 5-hr Prince William Sound Glacier cruise allowed us to see numerous waterfalls, a lot of humpback whales, killer whales, other wildlife and scenic rugged coastline of the sound bordered by glaciated mountains, valley glacier and tidewater glaciers that definitely awed us making us excited and look forward to the next days.
Glacier and Another Waterfall, Blackstone Glacier
A Closer Look of the Waterfall
There are so many waterfalls in Prince William Sound, that were produced from the melting of ice. 
A Closer Look of Glacier Ice above the waterfall
In my next post, I will share Beloit Glacier, another tidewater glacier in Blackstone Bay that is surrounded by huge and numerous waterfalls. There was just no way for me to document all the waterfalls and the grand beauty of Blackstone Bay in Prince William Sound, but seeing the dynamic changes of nature as close as this, reminds me of how everything here on Earth but love is temporary. Though we do not really need to travel to experience entropy up close since it lives in us everyday, but seeing the pages we learned from books coming into life makes me realize that there is still so much to learn for the Science of our world is so vast to be fully understood. When we go out, we do not only see the beauty of nature, but we open our minds and hearts to its wisdom. In its silence and beauty, we see and hear God's comforting words of love. Just as John Muir put it, "in going out, I find I was really going in."
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  1. Strange to see ice and snow this time in the year.


  2. such beautiful views and pictures! looks really realxing, wish u a lovely end of the week!

  3. I'm amazed with everything you share from your trip, Betchai.

    The glacier looks majestic and mysterious as the same. I can see the power of nature through your fantastic photos.

  4. I'm amazed with everything you share from your trip, too.

  5. so cool... literally and figuratively. love all your photos Sis.

  6. aahhhh stuff i might not see in this lifetime...just takes my breath away...whew, thank you for sharing to us God's amazing creation through your adventures...God bless your exploring feet and eyes always...

  7. That is such a beautiful place. So much ice and snow.

  8. That looks so absolutely beautiful! It is amazing how much wildlife there is in certain parts of the country.

  9. another wonderful scenery and place you have here.. thanks for sharing.. at least it makes me feel that i visits the place...

  10. Hi Betchai. You've got another set of beautiful photos like always. Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm only an email away if you wish to talk. I'm glad we're in touch. You're a great friend! Take care always! :)

  11. Such pretty pictures. We have been dying from the heat so these are so refreshing. lol

  12. how wonderful for me to see all this in yr blog. thx so much for sharing

  13. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!