Monday, June 27, 2011

Lessons From Nature

 San Diego Spring 2011 Wildflowers

Spring is one of the most colorful season, it is the season where brown slowly changes to a rainbow of color.
Despite the allergies spring season brings, yet I adore spring! Spring is the time when all of nature sings, it is the awakening of nature from its most needed restful slumber. During spring, the scenery around becomes insanely breath-taking, my camera shouts for joy of taking  pictures of wildflowers here, there and everywhere.

When taking pictures of flowers, I usually do not purposely wait for bugs to suck the nectar out of flowers as I am scared of the bee stinging me. However, oftentimes, while I am attempting to take an up-close picture of a flower, a bee would suddenly appear right in time to take the photo.And as if I do not exist, the bee would always proceed nourishing himself to feed on the flowers.
I believe the bees keep on appearing in my sight whenever I snap pictures of flowers to teach me something. But what were these bees teaching me? Are they teaching me to remain focused while set on a goal?  Or do the bees remind me to follow their way of life, that is to slow down, smell the lupines and poppies, to taste the sweetest nectar of life? Are they teaching me that no matter how we avoid some circumstances such as my avoidance of the bees, yet we have no control over their coming? But we can  best prepare for it?

Thinking about what the bee tries to teach each time it appears in my sight remind me that in life there are several unthinkable circumstances we cannot avoid but we can best prepare for. To prepare for the unthinkable of us leaving our loved ones behind all so sudden, we get life insurance not for us, but for our loved one. With the recent economic woes, it is best to find the insurance that suits our needs best. There are different types of life insurance, you can visit to learn more about these different types. Aside from life insurance, other insurances also provide us security to the question "what if". What if someone hits our car on the road despite we are too careful? There are so many car insurance companies Nationwide, and just like life insurance, it is a must we find the best for our bucks. 

In going out, nature reminds us of the many realities of life that we have to face and we have to prepare for. The singing of the birds and seeing them enjoying the sweet nectar around them is like celebration of life anew.
Life is precious and beautiful, it is worth celebrating, and preparing for the unthinkable circumstances. So that whatever happens, the strength within that we built through the years will continue to live beautifully just as nature continues to live beautifully in its many cycles and seasons of life. 
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  1. I love spring too, Betchai, for the same reasons you describe here. It's when the earth wakes up and sings glorious songs..

  2. When flowers are abloom like these, they remind me of the glorious beautiful creation that God did.

  3. .."slow down, smell the lupines and poppies, to taste the sweetest nectar of life"...very beautifully written Betchai...indeed nature teaches us the most wonderful lessons in life...

  4. I learn from nature to be patient, and that each thing on this earth has its own timing!

    Beautiful photos.

  5. Maybe the bees just want to be in your picture. Or, you happen to take pictures of the flowers that are full of nectar. It's nice to see nature so orderly working away without worrying about social/economic issues like us humans.

  6. I just love the last photo. I would like to find a way to attract more birds to my yard. :-)

  7. Spectacular photos. I think most of us are always in such a rush in today's world but you really seem to get out there to commune with nature. You are rewarded with some incredbile scenery and photographs which we are so lucky that you share with us! And, thankfully, you sometimes remind us what we are missing when we race through life helter skelter.

    Thanks, dear friend, for making us put on the brakes a little bit!