Monday, January 17, 2011

So Much More Than Hot

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.
Have you had a bite where it was super spicy you can hardly taste anything but hot? Where it seems your mouth is burning and you got to stop from eating since aside from hot your taste buds can not identify anything? I had a few of those moments, and I usually would simply stop from having more bites since I don't feel I am enjoying my foods anymore, but rather it seems like I am being punished.
However, I love spicy foods! But I love them with a taste, when, hot is not just hot, but it is so much more than hot. When the spiciness of the food brings the most of the taste of the dish. Now, that is my kind of hot. That's why I simply love using TABASCO® Original Red in our dishes. Tabasco Red is so much more than hot, its simple combination of salt, red pepper, and vinegar perfected in 3-year aging process produces a hot a sauce that has the uncanny ability to bring the most of of the taste of your food. I love Tabasco red on my pizza. Pizza and spicy wings are a favorite when we simply want to sit down and watch football, it has been a long Tabasco tradition, that is Superbowl and Tabasco.  However, since we shifted to healthier snacks, we substitute the spicy chicken wings to tofu sticks, and boy, how I love the tofu sticks with Tabasco Red. We also make our own pizza, since I love the combination of Asian vegetable ingredients that I can not find at all in any pizza shop. If you want more pizza ideas, you can also check out Pizza Perfected and get a thrill out of creating your own pizza.
Tabasco will go almost with anything, however, if you want to get more recipe ideas, check out Game-Day Party Menu for more food recipes enhanced by Tabasco Red.
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  1. I am afraid I have a bit of a wimpy stomach LOL! I do like a little bit of heat and spice, but too much and I am in tears, no pun intended. My husband loves the hotter and spicier foods.

  2. The spiciest food I have eaten so far is the Korean Kimchi...Like Melissa I only like foods with a li'l spice...

    Happy new year madam! Late na punta ko dito hehehe...

  3. awww now i am craving for pizza, chicken wings and that hot yet not so hot sauce! ah, i think it is also good with "isaw" :)

  4. We eat hot sauce with everything in our house..

  5. I never tried Tabasco sauce on pizza, but it really sounds good. I think my boys would like it too. Great idea!

  6. love some foods hot but i have to stay away from it too much as it might affect my nursing

  7. The spiciest food I have eaten so far is the Korean Kimchi...Like Melissa I only like foods with a li'l spice...Thanks...