Monday, May 11, 2015

Angels Landing and Potato Chip Rock

Angels Landing....
View from Angels Lading, Zion National Park, Utah
Potato Chip Rock.....
View from Potato Chip Rock, Poway/Ramona, San Diego County
click here if you are looking for directions to Potato Chip Rock
Both of them have vertical drop off more than a thousand feet. But which one is scarier to get to the top and stay there? Can you take a guess?

Anyway, let me count the ways:
The hike:
Angels Landing from Grotto Picnic Area, Zion Canyon: 5 miles ( 8 km ) round trip, 1,488 ft ( 457 meters) elevation change
hiking on these giant Navajo sandstone monoliths to Angels Landing 
Potato Chip Rock (from Blue Sky Ecological Reserve in Poway, San Diego County): 10 miles ( 16 km) round trip, 2500+ ft (765 meters) elevation change
Hiking on Boulder Strewn Slopes to Potato Chip Rock
The climb:
Last Half Mile to Angels Landing
The last half mile of the trail to Angels Landing is on a narrow trail with vertical drop offs on both sides, with chains to hold on to dear life in some parts of the trail, while the other parts of the trail don't have chains to hold on to.
Chain to Hold on To @ Angels Landing Trail

Whereas the hike to Potato Chip Rock is along rolling foothills 
Rolling Foothills to Potato Chip Rock
littered with giant boulders along its slopes
Boulder Strewn Trail to Potato Chip Rock
and the vertical drop can only be seen when really climbing the Potato Chip Rock
A Very Short Climb to Potato Chip Rock :)
Being on top of Potato Chip Rock may look as scary ( or the picture may make it look scarier?) as being on top of Angels Landing, and the hike to Potato Chip Rock is a lot longer and with more climb,

On Top of Potato Chip Rock
On Top of Angels Landing
but definitely, the hike to Angels Landing is many times scarier than the hike to Potato Chip Rock. Angels Landing is a hike that most hikers take pride by wearing Angels Landing sports tshirts, whereas I still need to see someone wearing a tshirt for making it to Potato Chip Rock :) Perhaps it is because Potato Chip Rock is just but one of the many rocks that litters in San Diego County, though more strenuous than Angels Landing but it is a local hike ( meaning most hikers are locals). Whereas Angels Landing is a world famous hike within Zion National Park and is hiked by people from all over the world. Perhaps in order for me to proudly wear a Potato Chip Rock tshirt, I should make my very own Potato Chip Rock custom tshirt :) And What should I say in my shirt? Probably something like:
"Potato Chip taste a lot better when crunched from 2880 ft above sea level! "
Yey! :)
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  1. It would be scary for me to be posing up on the potato chip rock. Seemed so high up.

  2. Oh Bets, my legs are already shaking just looking at that thin chip!

    You are much bolder and more courageous than me!

    It was a nice chat last night, and I congratulate you for keeping away from FB and writing this post. Hehehehe!

  3. I can feel the pride hiking to Angels Landing by looking at the pictures.

    It is scary, but challenging.

  4. So dangerous and risky....I don't think I would wanna do that...what if suddenly the wind blows?

  5. So dangerous and risky....I don't think I would wanna do that...what if suddenly the wind blows?

  6. I will keep this in mind when too old to do anything. Just joking...I only wish I have the opportunity! What I am really saying is thanks for letting me live through your pictures.

  7. They both look very challenging, Betchai, and you guys are just way too courageous..

  8. you are adventurous and courageous. no way i am going to go up there :) but the views are superb

  9. Wow, Betchai, you are so brave! I must say that your pictures of Zion National Park are the most beautiful I've ever seen. And I am amazed by all the wildflowers on the way to Potato Chip Rock.

  10. Potato Chip Rock looks scarier from the pictures, but only at first glance. When reading your description of the hike, I think Angel's Landing must be scarier. I almost exclusively hike on flat land, so I might be too scared to go to either of these places. It's still fun to think about though.

  11. I like the flowers on both sides of the foot path. How long did it take you to hike?

  12. That potato chip slice looks scary.. I don't think I have the guts to stand there :( Great pics betchai :)

  13. OMG, I don't think I can do either. Just looking down and holding onto chains to walk across make me weak in the knees. But, the scenery is spectacular!

  14. Breath-taking...How I'd love to be on top of that potato chip rock too...I love adventures too!

  15. Those rolling foothill paths look so wonderful. Surrounded by those beautiful flowers, I would love a hike like that. The potato chip rock looks more unique each time I see it. How fun to experience that. Great shots, betchai.

  16. Well, neither hike is suitable for me at this stage of the game. I think back to my youth, though, and I did some pretty daring things. I was just content to go with some of my forensic nurse colleagues for a two night stay to Zion National Park...some hiked while the others of us enjoyed our pool and the gorgeous vistas surrounding us. It was such a blissful respite after our Las Vegas conference.

  17. what a unique name.... potato chip rock! but i do get a bit nervous looking at the photo sitting on the 'potato chip'. both hikes look intimidating!!

  18. i can't go up thanks if I were asked to pose =P

  19. I feel like saying "Get off that rock" or "move in a bit further from the edge, Betchai" when I see the photo of you two sitting there smiling..Arrg! what tease you are!

  20. oh the potato chips rock. i can't blame you, who would get tired of visiting this beautiful place over and over again. bring me there next time.

  21. I can certainly see why those are favorite places and popular posts. Very special.

  22. This looks like an incredible hike, and you are such an adventurer! Spectacular photos to see..

  23. So great, maybe I will look for a home around here. What do you think??

  24. This is really eye-catching wanders! I can't even get my eyes off with those beautiful rocks. I really wish I live there. :/