Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Friday: Me from A to Z


Having Fun @ Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA
This is supposed to be yesterday's post for our Blogging For Fun Friday. However, quite obviously, I am late. Our theme yesterday was the A to Z quiz, and here goes mine.

A - Available - Married and make ourselves available for simple joys in life.
Partners in Enjoying The Great Outdoors
Partners in Outdoor Photography
B - Best Friend - my hubby

C - Crush - Indiana Jones ( Harrison Ford ), and my husband goes with me to watch his every movie :)

D - Dad’s Name - Marcelino

E - Easiest Person To Talk To - my late mother, there was no one like her.

F - Favorite Band - U2 ( The Joshua Tree)
The Joshua Tree

G - Gummy Bears Or Worms - Neither! I can have them, but I don't necessarily enjoy them.

H - Hometown - Bacolod City, Philippines

I - Instrument - Graphing Calculator, :)

J - Job - previously, a College Chemistry Instructor; now, striving to become a High School Math teacher :) . The reason I hardly can blog here these days since I have to balance my full time job and my studies as a Single Subject Math teacher intern.

K - Kids - my students.

L - Longest Car Ride - from Chicago to Los Angeles, but with stops at Nebraska, Colorado, Utah and Las Vegas.

M - Milk Flavor - Soy Milk?

N - Number Of Siblings - Four.

O - One Wish - I have many wishes, mostly not for myself, for myself, I guess to stay healthy to enjoy the simple things in life such as TEACHING, BOOGIE BOARDING, TAKING PICTURES AND HIKING!

P - Phobias - speeding cars.

Q - Favorite Quote - "Everything works for the good for those who love God."

R - Reason To Smile - Everything.

S - Song You Last Heard - Who Are You?

T - Time You Woke Up - 5:55 am on weekdays, 7:00 am on weekends

U - Unknown Fact About Me - I smile and laugh alone when I reminisce happy moments

V - Vegetable - Kangkong ( or ong choy ), Bamboo Shoots cooked in coconut milk with "saluyot" , Taro ( la-ing ) , malunggay, ampalaya ( bittermelon) , eggplant, actually, I eat almost all kinds of vegetables, but my favorite vegetables have to be Filipino and Asian vegetables.

W - Worst Habits - Procrastination

X - X-Rays You’ve Had - Chest, head, sinus, abdomen, actually, lots, maybe only my hands and feet have not been X-rayed.

Y - Your Favorite Food - Many, such as "ukoy", "palabok", "arroz valenciana", okay, I am more into Filipino foods and Asian foods.

Z - Zodiac Sign - Capricorn

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  1. It's okay to be late because that was quite a long post with lovely pictures. It sounds like you have a wonderful husband and a rewarding job.

  2. Wow! A fun post to read Betchai! So you like watch Indiana Jones? Awesome. :) Thanks for sharing this Betchai!

  3. Hi Betchai! I'm aware that you're an educator but I didn't know it's math you're teaching.Cool!(It's my waterloo,you know)I love the way u answered on xray,hehe.and we're both guilty of the same bad habit, procrastination. =)

  4. It may take me months to think from A to Z. Sigh...

  5. For C you wrote Crush - Indiana Jones. I think even most men have a crush on Indy. I don't know of a man who wouldn't want to be him. He's The Ultimate Adventurer.

  6. bethchai, girlfriend! ,you and i shares a couple of A-Z...ha!ha1ha1

    aside that we are both capricornians,i also love harrison ford and watched all his films....a big fan!

    great to know you your A-Z!have a lovely weekend!

  7. Oh wow, Beth, you are creative, you even came up with photos to go with some items -really nice! For the record, I laugh alone too when I remember something funny! Hehe. . .

  8. You always put a little bit more into even your Fun Friday posts. I loved it.

  9. I'm drooling at your favorite food section :-) Good to know a bit more about you, betchai..

  10. Betchai, You are one busy lady! This is a fun post and my favorite part is:

    R - Reason To Smile - Everything

    Take care and have a great week!

  11. like Diane, my favourite part is your reason to smile - EVERYTHING!

    my reason to smile at this very moment? YOU! i'm blessed to have found a friend in YOU! your blog and influences are a bonus. ;)

  12. Hi Betchai, I love this fun post and its one way of getting to know our blogger friends. Great when you share the same passion with hubby. I have no new posts and I will be resting for a while, blogging took a toll on me. See you around.

  13. What a great post to learn so much more about you. Thanks for sharing with us. Love the tree climbing photo :)

  14. wow, in one post, i learn so much about the person behind the blog. :) nice to know you!

  15. This was heaps of fun to read.

    PS: I love vegies steamed in coconut milk. yum yum.

  16. You made me laugh at your answer on letter I - I would probably answer "calculator" too. With my job, calculator is my second bestfriend, computer is the first !

  17. 7:00 on weekends? that's so early!

    we have the same fave foods, mostly asian foods and of course our very own dishes

    so now conquering the math world? I think I'll get you to be my kids' tutor in time! haha

  18. that explains why you're so busy... take it easy too betchai =)

  19. I love going through this list and getting to know you better betchai! Thanks for sharing :-)