Friday, July 01, 2016

Hoodoos Keep on Haunting Me

Bryce Canyon National Park Amphitheater

Utah rocks rock!!! The hoodoos around Utah will rock you with their spells. Hoodoos, which means to cast a spell, are pillars of rock left by erosion. The fantastic shapes of these rocks are accurately known to cast a spell on every visitor.They cast a spell on me, they kept on haunting me, as much as they haunt other visitors probably. They haunt me to come back, to look often at their pictures, to dream about them, and now, here I am, trying to undo that spell by writing about them. Let me share to you one of my favorite locations in Utah to experience magical hoodos, Bryce Canyon National Park. 

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the 7 National Parks of the Southwest's Grand Circle. Its amazing beauty is the result of the destructive forces of water and ice carving away the weak limestone of the eastern edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau. The result of this water, ice and gravity erosion brought about red rock spires and horshoe-shaped amphitheaters of hoodoos, which Bryce Canyon is known for.
Navajo Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park
The Hunter Hoodoo
Natural Bridge

From the rim, Bryce Canyon looks marvelous, but nothing can compare to being up close with the hoodoos down the canyon. There are several short hikes that will allow visitors to experience the hoodoos up close and to feel what it is like at the canyon floor.
Here are some of the hoodoos collection that I have met at Bryce Canyon National Park. Some of them are kind of popular, have names, while others, well, maybe, we can name them?

I. The Popular Hoodoos
1. The Poodle- this one can be viewed from the rim. However, I do not think I have good angle where I was that this poodle hoodoo does not look like a poodle to me at all :) .
The Poodle
2. Queen Victoria - Quen Victoria Hoodoo can not seen from the rim. Queen Victoria Hoodoo and her majesty are found at the Queen's Garden at the end of the Queen's Garden trail. The full length of the trail is amazingly lined with hoodoos, so, do not worry if Queen Victoria Hoodoo will disappoint you, as there are just so many more hoodoos that greet you in the hike.
Queen Victoria Hoodoo got its name from its resemblance to the many statues of Queen Victoria in Europe.

3. Thor's Hammer - this hoodoo can be viewed from the Navajo Loop Trail, a popular trail in Bryce Canyon because of its tall walls and slot canyons.
Thor's Hammer

II. The Less Popular Hoodoos
1. The E.T. - this hoodoo can not be seen from the rim, and is found in Queen's Garden Trail.
Being not ppular, this hoodoo was not in the list to see in the park's brochure. I actually didn't even know the the name of this hoodoo, but I just took the picture when I saw it since to me, it looks very interesting. How nature can carve these rocks giving them shapes and faces is just unimaginable for me.

III. The Un-named and Unpopular Hoodoo
I am giving these un-named hoodoos name the way I see them. However, if you have suggestions as to what you are seeing and maybe you can actually be right, as the spell hoodoos casted on me may have affected my imagination.

1. The Woman and Child?- this hoodoo is seen from the rim. Well, maybe, hoodoos haunted me so much that my imagination is nowhere?
Woman and Child?
My imagination tells me that the fair hoodoo at the center looks like a lady and hugging or carrying a baby in her arms? Sometimes, I see a tip-toeing and dancing lady as well. So, I would tell myself, the lady dances from happiness because of the joy and warmth from her child. Oh well.......

2. The Wolf?- Hmmmm, maybe it is just me, but I see a wolf or maybe a chess horse?
The Wolf?
And what about the one to the right of the wolf, what do you see? I could not describe it, but somehow, I feel like I saw this character somewhere.

3. The Apes- well, you think?
Group of Apes ?
Oh well, after this post, maybe you have to call the doctor quick for me? Maybe I am hallucinating? Teehheee. I see in these hoodoos resemblance to the gorillas at Wild Animal Park. But then, sometimes, I do think they look like pigs too. But then, the next group of hoodoos are what I call the pig hoodoos.

4. The Piggy Look - these are also found at the Queen's Garden trail. Actually, it is only the left hoodoo that looks like a pig to me, but the rest, I am sure I have seen them somewhere, before, maybe, in my dreams? Maybe, they were even my playmates when I was a kid
Piggy Look (?)
The 3rd short one from the group, somehow, I am seeing a chick?

5. What About This? I found this hoodoo near the canyon floor. This hoodoo looked like having a happy face to me.
5. ( ? )
What do you think?

The last picture I am sharing with you, is not really another un-named hoodoo, but I just like it because it is like framed hoodoos. I call it, hoodoos at the other side of the world :)
Hoodoos At the Other Side

Oh well, I guess I have to stop here and refer you to Bryce Canyon National Park's site to clear yourselves from this spell.
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  1. Your hoodoos haunt you to come back, your pictures haunt me to re-visit your blog.

    Your last picture shows a terrific framework that I like the most.

  2. As you may have guessed, one of my absolute favorite places... I could never get tired of this. Thanks for sharing the great pics!

  3. Just magnificent pictures! Reading though your post I can understand why it's haunting you to come back..It's a wide open invitation, betchai!

  4. Real wonders of nature!

    Fantastic photos.

    The last one is the best!

    Definitly anyone goes there would be spellbounded

  5. I really enjoyed looking at the fascinating hoodoos! I've never been to that place, so I'm glad to be able to take in some of that haunting beauty through your photos. I love E.T. and I think Number 5 looks like a dog's profile. :)

  6. It must be wonderful to be there. even in the photos it looks great. I could see you woman and child hoodoo clearly. The wolf, the ET, and the apes too. Number 5 looks like a dog to me too, but I also see the happy face. This is fun!

  7. Miss Beth,
    I agree, The Wolf looks like chess horse to me... :D

    I like the colors in this post... So fiery yet warm... :D

    My favorite shot is the last pic... Very nice framing... :D

  8. The last pic looks so inviting! The frame looks like a doorway leading to a different world. The hoodoos do have a mystical aura in them. I wish I could see them for real... someday. :)

  9. My fav is the 1st photo...beautiful landscape. They remind me of the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia,Turkey.

  10. Those photos are amazing. Coming here fills me with the desire to travel.

  11. I just can't imagine how it formed that way. Those rock formations are a beautiful sight...not to mention very nice for photography!

  12. I never have seen anything like these ever! My kids and I had a great time looking at them!!Thanks!

  13. Now I understand why you are being haunted by those Hoodoos. I would have probably felt the same...They are amazing, and I know I would never get tired going back there.

    Thanks for the visit Betchai and for your wonderful comments!

    Debbie :)

  14. oh! betchai..what an amazing sight. got to agree on naming them hoodoos. they have mesmeric effect on mortals...

    i love the hor's hammer, absolutely amazing..

    i, too would like to name the un-named hoodoos:

    you mother and child is my waiting lady..

    the wolf..i defenitely agree, i can something resembling ears and mouth of a caninelike craeture.

    the number five looks to me like a smiling thingy.

    oh! thanks betchai, for showing me the world in different angles!!

  15. I love these. The Mother and Child one is right on. They spark the imagination with obscure formations. Very well done and excellent photos betchai.

  16. lovely photos!

    hopped in from debbie and dana's blog and it's my first time here.

  17. Betchai, you always take good photos. I love how you name the hoodoos. ET made ma smile - his neck is stretched "ET phone home" I like Mother and child -haunting! Your photos entice us to experience these beautiful scenes! :)

  18. I have to admit I did not know the word "hoodoo" until I read your post! Learn something new today! Haha!

    Really beautiful and haunting, these hoodoos. I hope to be able to visit these places one day!

  19. I see you are quite the traveler?

  20. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  21. I love those red rocks, they are beautiful!

  22. I'm stunned, simply lost for words! These are all breathtaking photographs, Te Betchai. More than that, I thank you for the virtual tour. I never get to go out of the house for the past couple of months. This post is such a breather! I feel like I am actually there!

  23. The "piggy Look" is my favorite! I see the poodle too and the woman and the child...everything I think. It's easy to imagine the hoodoos with your description. As always I was blown away by nature's gifts through your eyes! :)

  24. The photos of nature when taken by you are always stunning.

  25. I had no idea what hoodoos was , but after watching these they are amazing and really scary and haunted, I would love to visit them and want to see them with my naked eye, Yes I agree with other commenters your last pic frame was really amazing,

  26. The rocks formation is so unique and beautiful. Truly lucky to be able to see them