Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am sorry if my blog does not work so well right now. It is still actually in the transition stage from the present site, to just simply . After helpful inputs from some blogging friends, I decided to get my own domain here at blogspot, and was surprised that it is only for $10 a year :) Cool, huh? I feel like I really have my own world now :) , such a big accomplishment for me who never had my own site before, haha! Thanks to Icy and Rochelle for the thoughts they had extended.

I feel like my blogging world has turned up side down lately, in all directions. No, I am not complaining, I am actually happy about the changes for it lets me see more about the many aspects of blogging. I am happy to say that I feel growth somehow, that in many times of our lives, we have to embrace CHANGE. The fear of change is something that sometimes stop us from doing what we can do, stops us from exploring our potentials, for we may be afraid of the world that awaits when we make that change. But there are some good change, and bad change. And I consider my moving a "good change", I feel freer, I feel I can fly more.

I am liking my CHANGE to the two pictures in this post, it is the same cactus flower, the same two bees, yet, just in different directions. The picture at the top, the two bees were facing each other, seem to enjoy sharing the sweet nectar from the cactus flower. Yet to get the most out of everything, they had to face CHANGE, even though it means they will have to back away, even move to another flower, all for the BEST.

And right now, that is just what I feel, like these two bees, I may have to move away from my old home, to give way for a new home which hopefully will let me expand my wings.

I am looking forward to more "Joys of Simple Life".

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  1. oh wow! That bee picture could win an award-I mean it! That is nature at its best! amazing!

  2. It is difficult to decide for a change, especially the transition period. If somehow we have made the first step, the rest will be easy.
    I love all your photographs, past and now. They are all magnificent.
    BTW, it is interested to share more on your experience on the migration from previous to current own domain. What are the differences and advantages?

  3. I love your photos, and I'm a great fan of your work!

    It's a very inspiring and great way to look at changes in our life..

  4. Betchai, beautiful new blog. Gorgeous photos as always. I am still undecided about my blogs but I do have another one as well at


  5. thanks a lot rainfield and Icy.

    @ Rainfield, I will try to cover your question perhaps in my next posts. thanks.

  6. I'm glad this change is a good one for you so far. The flower pictures are fantastic. The flower looks like it is glowing. I hope being here on blogger is a glowing experience too.

    I agree with Rainfield, your moving experience would interest a lot of us. I also didn't realize a domain would be so cheap. And if you need any information or tips from some of us others here on Blogger, I'm sure any of us would be glad to help.

  7. thanks for the visit Jo. I love your blogs, I get helpful info in My City by the Bay, great food for thoughts in A Poets View and I love your poems in Poetic Shutterbug. Should you find a home somewhere or stay there, we always will follow :)

  8. thanks for the offer of help, Ratty. I won't hesitate when the need to ask comes, thanks again :)

  9. Welcome to your new home! Thanks for giving me the correct link. I really like yellow, so those cactus blooms are great.

  10. Hi,Betchai! Congrats for the move and good luck. Hope you continue to enjoy blogging and benefit from it in whatever way possible like gaining new friends,improving writing & layouting skills and earning dollars on the side,lol!Wouldn't that be great?mwah!

  11. Nature always teaches us wonderful lessons. Those bees really know when to move ahead and look for better places. Change means growth and letting go... and more opportunities too! ;) Have a great week ahead!

  12. So are all your readers, I am sure.

  13. This series of images are so splendid, lovely and nostalgic

    The sky tinted with pink and purple make it such an unusual circumstances!

  14. Cool deal Bethchai .. I can feel your excitement with this change in your blogging home. Very cute picture and unique too ! Yeah I am looking forward to seeing more of the joys of simple life.

    Change is good.. love.. KalachuChay

  15. You're so good to get this one! I'll be scared of the bee if it gets startled!