Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My typical meal

Sorry for the blurry pictures, cell phone does not work so well in a dim room :) Anyway, just thought of having a simple post today, that is sharing my typical meal, which includes vegetables, and vegetables, just prepared differently, but also, usually very very simply. 

The top one is kale lemonade, simply made from fresh kale leaves and lemon. I love that to quench my thirst. Perhaps I love vegetable so much that I don't just simply eat them, I also drink them.

The second picture is eggplant omelette. It is made of eggplant, scrambled eggs, chopped garlic, chopped onions, plus I added some chia seeds.

The last one is simply a combination of broccoli, bean sprouts and tomatoes. 

Do I eat meat? NO! However, I do eat fish and other sea foods. Well, I actually only eat what I like, not what other people tells me what to eat, thus no meat at all! :) Unlike a lot of people who don't like vegetables because they only have a taste for meat, I on the other hand have a taste for vegetables!

So, let's go colorful! Vegetables and fruits! :)
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  1. Everything looks simply yummy. I too love vegetables but I like my meat too.