Sunday, June 01, 2014

Enjoy the Outdoors Any Time with a Portable Kayak


Outdoors enthusiasts live for the warm days of spring and summer. Taking the mountain bike for a spin through the countryside or grabbing the oars and kayak and heading out to the nearest lake to soak up the rays and sights is wonderful for both the mind and body.

One of the biggest complaints about traditional kayaks is how cumbersome they are to carry and how difficult they are to transport. Aside from the initial cost of the kayaks, life vests and oars, purchasing roof racks and a universal mounting system can add several hundred dollars to the total cost. If you are planning a big camping trip and have a small car, you may find yourself having to choose between toting the kayaks or the mountain bikes because of exterior space limitations.

If you are planning an extended hiking trip, toting a traditional kayak to your camp site can be next to impossible. Portable kayaks are generating a lot of buzz in the media and from avid sports enthusiasts. They feature a lightweight folding frame that easily fits into their backpack carry bag, and they take little time to set up. With a folding kayak, you can literally explore the world without limits and take in the beauty of some of nature's most tucked-away rivers and lakes.

You will not find folding kayaks in any traditional sports store. You often have to visit a kayak and canoe manufacturer or specialty store to find a folding kayak, and the selection may be limited even at a designated kayak and canoe store. When you shop online for a folding kayak from a trusted leader, you can select the perfect size and style to suit your body frame, personality and needs. You will also have direct access to a team of kayak professionals who will answer your questions with ease, and you will find instructions on assembly and videos designed to get you excited about exploration with your new kayak.

Folbot kayak company is an example of an industry leader in outdoor sports. They have been manufacturing kayaks for over 80 years, and their kayaks are built to last a lifetime. They offer a huge range of kayaks in various sizes and colors, a photo and video gallery, top-notch customer service, a huge range of parts and accessories and detailed instructions for every kayak they carry, so you can sail with confidence.
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