Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dog Days Of Luxury Boarding

Whether you're going out of town or you work during the day and can't be at home with your dog, a boarding facility is an option where your pet can play and mingle with other dogs. Your pet will be fed while at the facility, and there are often activities that are done with all of the animals in larger locations. Some facilities offer high-end amenities, such as plush beds, the best food and televisions in each kennel area.

When you get luxury dog boarding for your pet, it often includes play time outside, snacks during the day and a time for taking a nap. There is usually a video system so that you can check in on your dog during the day to see how he is being treated. The staff members know how to handle dogs of all sizes and most breeds. They will take the time to spend with your dog to ensure that he is cared for, teaching a few tricks in the process if time allows.

During play time, dogs can run around and socialize with others of their own size, or they can spend time with one of the people who work at the facility. This would involve being pampered, such as receiving a massage. The staff would also play fetch and offer splash time in a small pool if the weather is warm.

If there are dogs who require extra time outside for the bathroom, there are staff who can take them on an extra walk so that they feel like they are at home. Before bed in the evening, someone might read a story to the dogs. They would also tuck the dogs into bed, making sure they are as comfortable as possible. At some locations, the treats are homemade with delicious additions that could include bananas and peanut butter. Snacks are given in the middle of the day. Some of the larger dogs might get a small snack in the evening. Bathing and grooming services are usually offered at a luxury facility, but you can decide as to whether you want your dog to be washed or have the hair trimmed.
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