Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What to Look for in a Relaxing Motel


Whether you are traveling on business or for pleasure, your motel is going to play a big role in your comfort and relaxation. Many people enjoy staying at a location that has a history and charm, but the latest amenities can be important draws as well. You can find a motel Newport Oregon residents recommend. It is important to find a place to stay that offers all that you will need.

You want to make sure that you stay at a safe location. There are many ways to look for safety in a motel. In a single-story motel, your parking spot can be right near your hotel room. This can help to give you peace of mind since your car will be in sight of your room. You will be able to get out of it and go directly to your doorway quickly. If the outside of your room is well-lit, this can also give you extra security.

You can stay in a motel that has a luxurious interior. It can often be the small things that matter like full-sized and fully stocked kitchen that you can cook in instead of having to dine out. It can be nice to have a separate living room and dining room area so that you have plenty of places to relax. A quality mattress with soft sheets can be amazing, and a cozy throw on the sleeper sofa can be a nice addition as well. It can be pleasant to have special extras like locally roasted coffee, teapots with high-end teas, and premium organic personal products awaiting you in your room.

When you need to keep in touch with your family, friends, or job, Wi-Fi can be a great addition to your motel stay. You may also like having a flat screen television and an electronic fireplace in your room.

Dog-Friendly Rooms
When you are traveling with your pet, it is important to find a motel that allows you to bring your dog inside with you. Some hotels also offer other perks such as allowing your dog anywhere on their grounds. They may even provide shovels, bowls, and bags for your beloved pet. You want to stay at a place that will be happy to have your dog as a guest as well as you.

Friendly Staff Members
The friendliness of staff members can have a big impact on your stay. You want to make sure that you pick a a hotel that cares about its guests. If you have any questions at check-in, you want to stay at a place that can give you answers. Many motels have owners that want to get to know their guests and make them feel like they are part of their family.

When you want to stay in a premium motel, choose one that has the amenities that you need. You can find a safe and comfortable place to stay that offers Wi-Fi, full kitchens, and much more. By staying in a motel with a good atmosphere, you can be sure that your stay is going to be relaxing and rejuvenating no matter how many days you plan on being there.

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  1. You forgot to mention price. All are considerations to watch for.

  2. You forgot to mention price. All are considerations we need to make for a comfortable stay.

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    Hmmm...yes when traveling a got place to rest is very important to me.