Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Waterfront Living: Where to Dock Your Boat


Waterfront living presents an idyllic lifestyle, and shoreline property is in high demand. However, the choice to live near a body of water adds responsibilities and choices that are not necessary on land. Docks are more than just somewhere to leave your boat. A dock can be a gathering place, a place of recreation, or a quiet place to meditate. One of the biggest choices today is whether to choose a floating dock over a traditional stationary dock. The price can average out to be around the same depending on your location, but you will also have to consider your needs. Here are two things to know about floating and stationary docks.


It seems like a case of semantics, but it is important to point out that stationary docks are just that - stationary. They are very sturdy and are great places to gather friends and family. They maintain their level and stability even when tides change, and this brings many positive benefits. However, if you are considering docking a vessel, the stationary dock can become a problem. If you live on a body of water that sees lots of tide changes, you would want to consider a floating dock. A floating dock adjusts itself with the tide so that the distance between the dock and the boat or other vessel that is attached stays the same. This can prevent damage to both the vessel and the dock.


If you are looking for a place to dock a boat or maybe even a jet ski, a floating dock will serve that purpose perfectly. You can attach a jet ski dock to a floating dock just as you would a stationary dock. Floating docks are very strong, and there is a lot of functionality preserved in the docks buoyancy, and it is not problem to dock boats and other vessels there. However, if you are seeking large area to dock several boats, a stationary dock may also be an option.

Considering whether to build a floating dock or stationary dock will depend not only on your recreational needs but also on the water level as well as the rules and regulations in place in your area. Before you begin building your Jet Ski Dock, you need to check with your homeowner's association to see what rules are in place for dock building. Floating docks have many advantages and perform most of the functions of traditional docks however they must suit your needs, the body of water and area regulations.
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  1. I would love to live near the water. All of your siggestions are good.

  2. I'd love to live the idyllic kinda life described here. There's something about the sea view and blue skies that heals the soul like magic. O has always been dreaming of having a boat! And seafood non-stop fresh at that! Miss you Betchai!:)

  3. My kind of lifestyle!!! Just the sight of bodies of water calms my soul.