Monday, May 25, 2015

What to Pack on a Camping Trip


Whether you’re looking for a way to spend some quality time with family and friends, or you just need to get away by yourself for a weekend, a camping trip is a great way to spend your next vacation. Some people are fortunate enough to have been taking regular camping trips since they were young, and for them packing for a trip is second nature. However, many people may be less experienced with the great outdoors. Fortunately for them, this checklist of items to pack for a camping trip can help them get ready.


Weather can change quickly in the wilderness, and without AC and central heating to keep your temperature regular you need to rely on packing the right clothes. Even in the middle of summer, have a few cold weather items on hand in case the weather takes a turn for the chilly. Plain hoodies or sweatshirts can ensure that you don’t need to stick close to the fire all evening.

Food and Water

A big part of the camping experience is preparing all your own food. Perhaps the most important thing you will need for your trip is plenty of water. Getting dehydrated is not only unpleasant but also dangerous. If your trip is too long or you have too many people going with you to reasonably pack enough bottled water, bring along a water filter or tablets so you can purify as you go.

Tents and Bedding

Tents and sleeping bags are essential for camping. Air mattresses are less necessary but you may want to bring them along if you are less than enamored with the idea of sleeping rough. In addition to the bedding itself, don’t forget items necessary for setting up camp. This may include a mallet for pounding in tent stakes, mosquito netting or a tarp to put up in case it rains.

Outdoor Fun

Practically no one goes camping just to sit around in the tent. Plan some activities for your time in nature and be sure to pack accordingly. If you are going hiking, bring thick socks, comfortable boots, and a lightweight backpack. For fishing or hunting, bring a pole, rifle and all necessary accessories. Even if you are just planning on passing time taking in nature, you may want to bring along a nature guide or a pair of binoculars.

Miscellaneous Items

The additional items you bring along generally depend on where you are planning on camping and how long you are staying. Some common things to remember include flashlights and torches, insect repellent, rain gear, a First Aid kit, toilet paper and hand sanitizer or wet wipes.

When camping, remember to pack light but don’t leave any important items that you may need in the great outdoors behind.
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  1. Packing for K's camping has always been easy with all the abundant tips I read online. :)

  2. O and I have been planning to climb mount Pulag early this year, too bad we didn't have time....this will come in handy by the time we push through with the plan! :)