Saturday, November 01, 2014

Join the Millions of Women Hosting Breast Cancer Fundraisers Every Year

The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer decreased in 2000 and in every year since then. Experts believe that the awareness brought to the disease starting in the late 1990s led to this decline. As female celebrities found themselves diagnosed with breast cancer and watching their loved ones struggle with the condition, they looked for ways to raise awareness and fund new research. Millions of women around the world hold fundraisers every year, and you can join their ranks with a fundraiser of your own.

Choose a Type of Event

The first decision that you need to make is about which type of event you want to host. Many fundraisers take the form of a marathon or a long walk. While this is perfect for those who are in good shape, you might alienate those with mobility problems and those in poorer health. A silent auction is another good option. You can ask for donations in the form of products and services from local companies and auction those items off. Other events can include a bake sale, a meal cook off, a sit down dinner or a car wash.

Look for Partners

As much as you want to help raise money, you cannot do it all on your own. Look for partners in your community who can work with you and make the event a success. Local businesses often take part in these events and view the events as free or cheap advertising. Those companies can donate food for a meal, drinks to serve marathon participants or products that you can auction or raffle off. You should also look for partners who can help you reach out to others and ensure the event runs smoothly.

Advertise Your Goals

The only way you can raise money is if people know about the event. Creating a page on Facebook, notifying local news outlets and hanging flyers around town can all help bring awareness to the event. Once you decide where your money will go, contact the organization for additional help. Many charities will advertise your event online for free. Read through Breast Cancer Society reviews and online reviews of other charities to get a feel for how each one operates and what it does with its donations. Choose your organization and ask about advertising your fundraising event on that site.
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  1. It's one cause I am so interested in. An aunt of mine died of Breast Cancer. Advertising truly helps to share such undertakings.