Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Obstacle Course Racing


Have you ever heard of obstacle course racing? Apparently, 300 million people have, because that’s how many people participated in the 91 races held in 2013. This “baby” sport of just four years is picking up steam in a big way for a number of great reasons. All you need is the proper shoes and clothing, and you’re on your way to optimal fitness. Obstacle course training helps you hit all major muscle groups throughout your training week, too. 
Although it got its roots in military training, the overall fitness it provides is something even civilians can benefit from. The combination of explosive jumping, resistance training and running helps to reduce body fat and increase cardiovascular stamina. There are specific exercises you need to do to get started, including body weight, pulling up, balance, core and jumping exercises.
To avoid problems or injuries, your shoes should be your prime consideration. Buy cross training shoes, or shoes that work for the specific surface you’ll be racing on, and be sure to break them in before race day, too. If shoes weren’t important to you before, once you start obstacle training, they will be. Your shoes will get you through the toughest turf and longest obstacle course, every time.
Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what’s involved in obstacle course training, tie your shoes and get ready to leap like a frog, push a wheel barrow and carry logs through the mud, sand and surf of any race. The excitement permeates the air as people run, jump, climb and carry a variety of objects over a vast assortment of terrains. What’s in it for you? The best body of your life, that’s what, so get going.

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  1. One day I hope I will be fit for an obstacle race :)

  2. Hi there Betchai! Back here and saying in time I will be ready for an obstacle course especially now that the hubby has joined me in my healthy lifestyle quest.

    Sending you Christmas greetings here and still wishing for more updates on the joys of simple life! I love yah dear friend and praying you more time to explore nature and share your happiness in what you see ☺!