Monday, August 25, 2014

Tactical Tips to Survive a Home Invasion

While most people prepare themselves in case of a house fire, very few actually take the steps to increase their chance of survival during a home invasion. This is alarming when you take into consideration that you are eight times more like to experience a home invasion than a house fire. Thankfully, the following tips can help increase your survival rate if your home is every attacked by criminals.

Have a Code Word

This code word alerts your family that there is a home invasion happening and that they should spring into action. Chose a simple easy to use word and avoid long phrases or hard to remember words. “Escape”, for example, is a perfect code word. It is simple, short and goes straight to the point. 

Have a Safe Room

Designate one room in your home as a safe room that your family can go to in times of a home invasion. You should stock this room ahead of time with some specific items that can help you survive a potential fight. While the list of items may vary, one of the most important things to keep in your safe room is a phone that you and your family can use to call for help. You can find most of your safe room supply needs at various merchants such as

Stay in the Safe Room

Once you and your family have reached the safe room, stay there! Do not leave the room under any circumstances. It may seem tempting to give into your anger and fight the criminals who have invaded your home, you must resist the urge. Leaving the safe room not only puts your life on the line, but it also threatens the safety of your family.

Create a Fatal Funnel

For those who have a gun they plan to use for home defense, you should remember to create a fatal funnel. This is when you position yourself in the corner that is located at the opposite side of the safe room door. This provides you with additional seconds to determine if you will have to shoot to intruders. Getting into a fatal funnel makes you the last thing the home invaders see when they come bursting through the safe room door.

Stay Put until the Police Arrive

One mistake that people often make during a home invasive is leaving their safe room when they think the intruders have left. The simple fact is that you cannot be 100-percent sure that the all the intruders have fled your home and leaving the room could result in a hostage situation. That is why you should stay in the safe room until the police have arrived and given you the OK to leave.
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  1. Great tips, as I was walking home from school last night I was thinking I should learn some self defense skills. Miss you Betchai :)