Tuesday, August 05, 2014

DJ Less Surfing Video

I love taking videos, well, aside from taking pictures. I always tend to shift from video mode to picture mode when taking pictures. Even though I know for a fact that for sharing, people tend to look at photos more, and maybe don't pay attention much to videos, but then, most of the time, I take videos for myself. :) I love to see the action in the pictures I took. I love to see the risk, the thrill, all the elements that a picture alone may miss. One of my friends said she love taking videos too, but then, she said that she does not talk in her video because she sounds awful. Told her, that could be me as well, since I also don't talk in my video, well, I do sometimes. The reason is that most of the times what I am actually videoing is the sound, such as the sound of powerful waves. Anyway, would be great if I have a DJ voice quality, am sure it would liven up the videos I take more. I am always impressed with how DJs liven up a party, not only from singing, but up to making the guests entertained and feel comfortable, and not one is left out in the party. A DJ element in the video I believe would be nice as well, such as in surfing videos. I've watched surfing competitions here, and there are always DJ around to liven up the competition and to inform viewers of what is going on. Though oftentimes, people think of DJs presence only in parties and radios, but they actually would be very nice addition to liven up an activity. Maybe, I should try practicing DJing my own videos, haha, who knows, I may get better and DJing could become my other job, there am I again, wandering in dreams! The Joys of Simple Life! :) Anyway, my friend here in San Diego who came from North Carolina plans to get DJ services from Joe Bunn for the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of her parents. I could be the videographer. :) Haha, as if North Carolina is near San Diego. :)
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